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Simple Vegan Snacks

Food and Eating 13 hours ago

There is a lot of talk these days about how healthy a vegan diet can be, however, there are always two sides to a story, and many think that a vegan diet doesn’t hold enough protein and other nutrients we get from dairy and protein like fish and seafood. While the jury is still out about whether or not this type of diet is for everyone, most people do agree that it does have some healthy aspects, such as being basically sugarless and low fat.

One of America’s biggest health problems is the snack industry. Most snacks sold on the market today are addictive with too much salt, too much sugar, and little nutrition. But snacks don’t have to be unhealthy. They can provide vitamins and nutrients and be delicious too. Healthy snacks help us keep our energy going throughout the day and will keep us away from the company candy machine and the sugar laden sodas.

However, some people are intimidated by vegan cooking, which is understandable. Many vegan recipes call for a series of ingredients that many have never heard of. We will offer you some vegan snack options that are healthy, simple to make and taste scrumptious, all at the same time,

Trail Mix

Trail Mix can include a wide variety of ingredients; nuts, dried fruit, granola, healthy cereals, oats, and carob, a vegan substitute for chocolate. Coconut is also a great ingredient for trail mix recipes.

Seaweed Snacks

Seaweed snacks are becoming all the rage. There is roasted seaweed, salted seaweed, and wasabi flavored seaweed, to name just a few. These crunchy snacks are delicious and satify the craving for potato chips, which are far more saltier and oilier than seaweed.

Roasted Chick Peas or Garbanzo Beans

Two names for the same food is not uncommon. Chick Peas and garbanzo beans are the same foood depending upon the area in which you live. Regarless of what you call them they are full of flavor once you season them and roast them in the oven on low for a few minutes.

Baked Veggie Chips

This is a simple recipe you can cook at any time. Baked root vegetables make a hearty snack that curbs cravings and fills you up, and they taste good too. Try slicing parsnips, sweet potato, beet roots, and sunchokes, into really thin slices, season with a sea salt or Kosher salt and whatever flavorings you enjoy and bake on a low temperature for varyiing time frames. You don’t want to burn them, so keep an eye on them as they cook.


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You Can Practice Mindfulness in Just 15 Minutes a Day

Lifestyle 15 hours ago

Mindfulness; it’s a word we’ve been hearing all over the place these days. But what exactly is mindfulness and how can it be achieved. Well, the good news is, that it can be achieved in many different ways and the best definition for mindfulness is being fully present in the moment. It is a gentle focus on what is going on now. It is like washing the dishes and paying attention to the task at hand instead of thinking about next week’s work schedule.

Still, it’s an elusive term, but living each moment in the NOW is the best way to explain it. Does it sound like an impossible task, if so, you are not alone in that thinking. However, you can tap into a small bit of mindfulness at least once a day with a few learned techniques. If you can make a schedule of setting aside a special time for mindfulness, research says it will change the way you spend the rest of your day. You will find more ease entering into your day.

Dr. James E. Stahl and his research team at Harvard University did a study with volunteers for 8 weeks.The study was called the Mind Body Relaxation Program. In this program students learned many mind/body skills for relaxation and mindfulness. Dr. Stahl teaches these same skills to the patients in his practice. He believes that no one needs to enroll in any formal program, but that in 15 minutes a day, on a continual basis, these skills will come to us naturally.

Dr. Stahl presents a few ways in which you can add mindfulness to your everyday life:

Practice a 15 minute guided meditation at the end of your day. There are many videos online from which you can choose. Guided meditations, where a voice walks you through the meditation process, is great for beginners who have trouble controlling their random thoughts.

You can also find a lot of apps for guided meditations on your phone’s app store. This is a way for you to remember when it’s time for you to stop, relax, and be in the NOW for a few moments. They key here, like with all meditations, is consistency.

The Sun Salutation is a morning yoga ritual that is perfect for getting the day started in the right direction. There are also many videos and books out there that will teach you the sun salutation series of yoga moves in minutes.

Check in with yourself every couple of hours a day. Realize and experience truly what you are doing. Some people drive home from work and they never remember the actual drive. Before they know it, they are home. This is called functioning by rote memory. In the mindfulness world, this means that you are functioning as a robot and not paying attention to your actions.

Don’t become stressed over how you will do, this is just the opposite of mindfulness, to relieve daily stress. Instead, take it easy, choose the right method for yourself and make it something enjoyable for you. If you don’t make it enjoyable, you may not stick with it, and you must do that to receive all of the benefits mindfulness can bring.

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Why Am I Gaining Weight?

Health News 17 hours ago

After a certain age, this is a question that is often heard by doctors from their patients, “Why am I gaining weight?”, especially when nothing has changed when it comes to your eating habits or exercise routine. The question mainly comes from women and there is a reason for that. Though men, certainly go through their bodily and health changes as they get older, women’s changes are most noticeable.

What many patients don’t understand is that there are many factors that go into weight gain, besides what you eat and how many calories you burn. Often, very naturally as we get older, our level of activity tends to decrease due to common aches and pains and from simply being tired. There is also the issue of medication affecting your health as you get older and for women, there is menopause. Though menopause is also a very natural occurence, it is different for every woman and causes weight gain in many, that they feel, is unexplained.

Although unexplained weight gain can show up at all ages due to medication and lack of exercise, for women at menopause age, the weight gain can appear very soon after menopause begins. The change in hormones may also determine where your fat begins to build on the body. For many menopausal women, weight gain will show up in the middle around the waistline, when it used to build up on the lower half of the body. If you are at that menopausal stage, don’t give up, there are ways you can combat weight gain and weight redistribution.

Controlling the weight gain has a lot to do with altering your diet and replacing foods and drinks you used to indulge in with a healthy version. For example, replace brown rice for white rice, stop eating most sugars or simply cut down on your sugar intake and use nectars instead. Stop drinking sodas, they have no redeeming qualities at all. Drink more water and natural teas and juices and leave the sugar laden soft drinks alone. Also, it helps a lot to eat good protein, if you’re not vegan or vegetarian, foods like fish can be a replacement for that usual cheeseburger.

Menpause brings on a lot of changes, both physical and mental. Take charge of your time in this natural stage of life and eat healthier before or at least at the beginning of your menpause symptoms, which are different for everyone. Unpredectable menses, insomnia, fatigue, painful and heavy periods, are just a few. The more you take care of your health, the easier your menopause will be and the less you will need to worry about uncontrollable weight gain.

Source: Why Am I Gaining Weight

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5 Science-Backed Remedies for Ulcers

Health News August 17, 2017

If you are not sure what ulcers are, they are sores that can develop on and in various parts of the body. Some people relate ulcers with the stomach alone, but this is not true. Stomach ulcers develop in the lining of the stomach and are called gastric ulcers. These gastric ulcers are extremely common and affect a large group of the planet’s total population. Gastric ulcers develop for a multitude of reasons. A basic imbalance of the stomach’s environment can cause them.

Most people treat their ulcers with medication that unfortunately has some common side-effects, like diarrhea and bad headaches. All too often, the pain of gastric ulcers can outweigh the side-effects. However, many who suffer are looking for alternative remedies for their pain and discomfort, even medical professionals have jumped on the bandwagon to help find alternative remedies.

Here are 5 science-backed home remedies for ulcers:

1. Cabbage Juice

Cabbage juice is high in vitamin C and antioxidants. It aids in  preventing and healing H.pylori infections, which are most common in gastric ulcers. Research has shown that cabbage juice is highly effective for many different types of stomach ulcers.

2. Licorice

Licorice is native to Asia and the Mediterranean, it derives from the dried root of the Glycyrrizah Glabra plant. It is an herbal remedy that has been used for many different kinds of illnesses. Licorice root may be able to prevent and help relieve the symptoms of ulcers. Licorice helps to protect the stomach lining by causing more mucous to be secreted from the stomach and intestines, thereby protecting the stomach lining.

3. Honey

Honey is also rich in antioxidants, and research shows that honey may help to prevent and treat ulcers and other wounds. The H. pylori bacteria is one of the main causes of stomach ulcers and honey has been proven to successfully fight this bacteria and is therefore a preventative method against these types of illnesses.

4. Garlic

Garlic is full of antimicrobial and antibacterial properties which makes it an excellent choice as a natural treatment for ulcers. The extract of garlic is known for not only the treatment of ulcers but also for prevention. In animal and human studies, garlic is shown to be able to reduce the spread of the H. pylori bacteria.

5. Turmeric

Turmeric is a yellow South Asian spice, which science says is filled with medical properties. Its anti-ulcer benefits have been recently used in a study with animals. Turmeric is also said to lessen inflammation and help to prevent heart disease. The studies on humans who took 600 mg of turmeric, 5 times a day showed that they were healed of their ulcers in 4 weeks.

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5 Ways to Naturally Cleanse and Purify Your Lungs

Health News August 17, 2017

There’s a lot being said in the health industry today about cleansing and detoxing. For many who sell these types of detox products, they say it is one way to keep a healthy body in working order. Usually, the detox and cleanse products that we are familiar with are for your digestive system, but there are also natural ways to cleanse your lungs. They are one of the most important organs in the body because they are our system for taking in and releasing air. So is it possible, at home, to do your own lung cleansing?

Here are 5 natural ways to purify your lungs:

1. Deep Breathing

Deep breathing exercises are one way to cleanse and purify your lungs. It is a simple exercise of taking in as much air as you can, you should see your stomach expand, then releasing the air slowly as your abdomen shrinks inward. Doing this exercise on a regular basis is a way to keep your lungs strong and to make sure that you are breathing properly. Our everyday breathing may not appear this drastic, but it should resemble this exercise by taking in air enough for the stomach to expand and then a slow release of that air.

2. Get Rid of Household Toxins

Another way to protect the health of your lungs is to get rid of anything toxic in your home, such as cleaning products and sprays. Many fragrance sprays hold a lot of toxins within them as well, so be careful, do your research, and read the labels. Do your best to invest in natural cleaning and home maintenance products. Your lungs will thank you.

3. Add Toxin Removing Plants to Your Home

Yes, there are actually some plants that do help to remove toxins from the air. Combined with air purifiers, this is a great effective way to keep toxins out of your lungs. There are a few specific houseplants that will help clean the air inside your home; Peace Lily, English Ivy, the Bamboo Palm, and eucalyptus, to name just a few.

4. Exercise Regularly

Exercising on a regular basis is another way to help clean and purify your lungs. A 15 minute walk every day will assist in cleaning your lungs because whenever you move your body at a medium to fast pace, you must breathe properly if you’re going to keep it up. Exercising includes proper breathing techniques, whether it be walking, running, playing tennis, yoga, bike riding, etc. Your lungs are always involved.

5. Drink Plenty of Water

I know we hear this phrase a lot, “drink plenty of water”, but we hear it a lot because water is one of our life lines, without it, our health struggles to maintain itself. You can do without eating, longer than you can go without water. It is that important. It is found through research that water helps to cleanse the lungs by keeping the blood flowing smoothly to and from the lungs. Also, drinking plenty of water keeps the mucous from building up in and around the lung area. So make water a daily part of your health and detoxing plan.

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Purslane: the Everday Edible Wonder Weed

Health News August 14, 2017

Wen you look out into your weed infested yard, don’t underestimate the power of many of those weeds. One that grows pretty freely in a lot of areas, is Purslane. This weed is loaded with nutritional value and if you’re going to get rid of your weeds this season, it would be a good idea to leave the Purslane right where it sits.

Purslane is known to grow any and everywhere, even through the cracks in the sidewalks in many places. It is categorized as a “noxious” weed by the United States Department of Agriculture. Though it appears to be annoying because you can find it everywhere, this weed has many health benefits and uses. According to historical research, Purslane was one of Ghandi’s favorite foods and Thoreau enjoyed this plentiful weed as he lived on Walden Pond.

Too often, we see weeds as a nuisance and do our best to kill them chemically or by ripping them up from the roots. It’s interesting how even after all of that, you will find that many weeds grow back anyway. If you do have some Purslane, here are a few of this super weed’s nutritional benefits.


Taste is important if you’re going to incorporate Purslane into your everyday life. It is a bit bitter but with a slightly sweet finish to it. It is perfect for salads or as sauteed greens as you would cook kale or spinach. It can be pickled, put into casseroles, and eaten raw if you don’t mind the slight bitterness.

Here are its nutritional values:

  • rich source of potassium ( 494 mg/100g)
  • rich source of magnesium ( 68mg/100g)
  • contains calcium ( 65mg/100g)
  • contains vitamins C, A and E
  • contains alpha linolenic acid ( ALA) and gamma-linolenic acid ( LNA)
  • contains alpha-tocopherol and ascorbic acid

Purslane is low in calories and fat, which is another dietary plus. Not only is it rich in all the vitamins and minerals above but Purslane is also filled with Omega-3 fatty acids like salmon and avocados, along with many other foods. As a matter of fact, it would be a great side dish to salmon’s natural sweetness. Purslane has been credited with aiding in weight loss and helping with the symptoms of many gastrointestinal diseases.

Purslane, reduces the inflammation of bee stings, insect bites, and snake bites. It has been known to lower bad cholesterol and aid in preventing lung and other oral cancers. So the next time you see this weed, don’t pull it up and trash it, instead, take it inside and use it as a super healthy side dish.

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Top 5 Emerging Trends in Alternative Medicine

Health News August 11, 2017

Research shows that approximately a third of all Americans are seeking alternative ways to better their health. The word of traditional doctors is not the end of the story anymore. Patients want to participate and some want to take over their battle for a healthy life. These statistics come from the National Institutes of Health. They also report that most Americans who use natural and alternative medicine do it in conjunction with traditional medical care.

This report is a government report to look at the health habits of all Americans by taking a sample of diverse citizens and studying their healthcare methods. Over 89,000 adults and 17, 000 children were involved in the survey. The children ranged from 4 years old to 17. The report stands by its views that more and more Americans are wanting to know more about their health and how to help their physicians keep them in a healthier state of body and mind.

Below we list 5 emerging trends that Americans are using to better their own health:

1. Yoga, Tai Chi Qi Gong

Over 20 million adults and 17 million children practice yoga. Many parents and children practice these age-old methods of healing together. Yoga incorporates physical, mental, and spiritual healing, as do Tai Chi and Qi Gong.

2. Probiotics

Probiotic use has increased over the last decade. Probiotics is taken normally for digestive issues and by those who have been on heavy antibiotics for a various reasons. Probiotics protect your system from what some call “bad bacteria”. Plain yogurt is the best way to naturally get the probiotics into your system.

3. Reiki

Reiki is another ancient form of healing the body and mind. It is energy work, so it can be done long distance. You must participate with your belief system in its healing powers and cooperate with the Reiki facilitator to see the best results.

4. Fish Oil Supplements

Fish oil is known as a very common natural product. It is safely taken by children and adults and its use has also increased over the last decade. It is said to lower the risk of heart disease, which is America’s number one killer, particularly among women. It is believed that the omega-3 fatty acids in fish oil is what helps lower the risk of diseases.

5. Coconut Oil

There is still no cure for ALS, though the ice bucket challenge raised a lot of money, a cure is yet to be found. Duke University’s Dr. Richard Bedlack’s top pick for alternative methods for ALS, is coconut oil. Dr. Bedlack believes that coconut oil is worthy of far more research, as it is the most promising help for ALS patients.

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Beauty Trends to Try This Year

Body and Beauty August 10, 2017

So many people were quick to say good-bye to 2016. Let’s face it, it was a really tough year. But now we are half-way through 2017 already and make-up companies have stepped up their game, providing us with all sorts of themes, from mermaids to unicorns, to all natural green products. Many are not so sure that the mermaid look or the unicorn inspiration is for them, however, they are choices, among an array of choices, offered to the consumer today. If you’re not a mermaid or unicorn person, there are still many trends this year that are must-trys. Here are just a few.

The thing about crazy trends like the mermaid and the unicorn, is that you can tone it all down and simplify the look, using the best parts of a look that compliments your own beauty. Maybe we can just do lips, eyes, some glow on the cheeks, but not go overboard by doing the entire look. Here are some examples

Mermaid Eyes

How about just playing around with your eye makeup look for that fresh, right out the ocean, mermaid eye look? The designers like Marc Jacobs call it the “dreamier take on the dark smoky eye look”.

The Belted Ponytail

Is there a belt that you own that just isn’t you anymore, or dare we say, maybe it doesn’t fit anymore? Use it to tie up your ponytail. Yes, this is the latest trend, jacket belts, leather belts, used as ponytail holders. Strange maybe, but it’s the new popular trend, so you have to try it at least once this year.

Hair and More Hair

It is not just models anymore who wear hair pieces. The average woman is now getting into the act big time. As we hearken back to the long hippy style hair of legend Joni Mitchell, we are beginning to see women walking the streets of NYC with long attachments added to their hair. It’a a great reminder of the 60’s, minus the turmoil.

Arts and Crafts Nails

Nails are fun to play with and now more than ever, women are using their nails as a canvas for their artistic ideas. From 3D rhinestones to replicas of shoes, cocktails, and diamonds, nails are the star of the beauty show this year. And let’s not forget about the still popular stiletto nail, it’s either one of the most popular beauty trends of the last couple of years or a weapon. The jury is still out on that one.





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Natural Beauty Trends in 2017

Body and Beauty August 10, 2017

As many people begin to want to live a more green life, that not only includes food and health but also beauty. Simply because you care about your health and the health of the environment doesn’t mean that you don’t care about looking good on the outside. Natural beauty trends are becoming more popular among those who don’t even consider themselves naturalists. Many people just don’t want to deal with all of the chemicals that often come with buying beauty products, and all the chemicals that we previously put on our skin, without thinking about it. In 2017, the trends that are coming forth, that will surely be going strong in 2018, are diverse and interesting.

Let us take a look at some of those trends and maybe there will be some you will choose to adopt into your daily life.


The craft beer industry surprisingly, has inspired the trend of product-to-customer authenticity, meaning that craft beer customers are told about every ingredient of the beer they consume, if they want to know. All of the ingredients will be listed on the bottle or on the website or both, so customers know what they’re drinking. Beauty customers are picking up on this trend and also want to be given that same opportunity and authenticity, so that they can know what ingredients are in the products they purchase. Consumers want transparency and many companies are giving them just that.

Gut and Skin Health Intertwine

Gut health has become a popular health subject. The quality of the health of our guts often determine our overall health. Researchers are now finding that your gut health,often enhanced by probiotics, also affect your skin health. The healthier your gut, the healthier your skin appears to be. So many beauty gurus are focusing on overall body and gut health and balance, to ensure that they will develop beautiful skin. Customers are seeking beauty products that enhance their skin in a more natural way, from the inside out. Beauty companies are responding positively to these requests from customers and providing them with simpler products that don’t destroy the natural oils in the skin and offer vitamins and minerals for the skin, as well as the quality of beauty products people are looking for.

Many beauty product buyers are working from the inside out when it comes to their skin health. They are truly searching for that natural glow that comes with having good health. Customers are reading ingredients and questioning the ingredients they don’t understand. Most companies are responding and also changing their product recipes to ensure that customers are getting the natural products they crave. So beauty trends are blending with health trends and those who live a green life can adorn themselves with beauty products that they know well and have chosen, because they will not harm their skin or their health. These are great trends coming up this year and we predict that this trend of authenticity, when it comes to ingredients, will only get more popular in 2018.


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Micro Gardens: The Urban Poor Grow Their Own

Health News August 9, 2017

Growing Greener: A one-meter sized micro-garden can 36 heads of lettuce in two months.

Among many health enthusiasts, it is a known fact that eating well, particularly in urban areas, is a problem. Years ago no one ever thought that we would have the urban gardens we have today. Many poor people ate foods without nutritional value because organic markets were too expensive and there was no thought of how they would grow vegetables in their own neighborhood. So a lot of the economically challenged went without the fruits and vegetables needed to live a quality life.

Now, the urban garden is becoming more popular and in many cities, people are stepping up to say we deserve good food just as much as those who can afford to buy it at a fancy market. This is where micro gardens come in, to help those without access to good nutritional foods.

What is micro-gardening?

Micro-gardening is growing a large amount of food in small areas. Gardens are being grown on patios, window sills, small backyards, and street corners that used to be the neighborhood dump, are now gardens that are planted and managed by the neighborhood itself. A micro-garden can be a container garden like an old gallon milk jug or any container you may have had another food product in, can be cleaned and sterilized to grow healthy foods. Many of these micro-gardens are grown in wooden crates that can easily be procured through your local supermarket for free. Any surplus of these types of neighborhood gardens are also bringing in income to help those in the neighborhood and to help keep the garden thriving.

Are Micro-gardens Productive?

Indeed they are very productive. Here are some numbers to show that micro-gardening can be very productive and also easy to manage. The FAO (Food and Agriculture Organization) reports these numbers to us about the productivity of micro-gardening.

One square meter of land can produce:

200 tomatoes a year

36 heads of lettuce in two months

10 cabbages every 3 months

and 100 onions in approximately 4 months

These numbers are extremely impressive and encouraging to those who want to start their own micro-gardens or neighborhood gardens. Even if there is no land available, micro-gardens can be started in containers filled up with gardening soil. Peanut shells, coconut fiber, rice husks and course sand, can also be used as gardening soil rich in nutrients. Vegetables can also be grown in water with a fertilizer. So there really are no limits to how you can grow a micro-garden at home or in your neighborhood. It just requires a bit of research to see what you can use that is naturally found in your area,

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