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The Best Herbs for Pain Relief

Natural Medicine January 31, 2017

Best Herbs for Pain Relief

Find out which herbs from your garden could help relieve pain!

Chronic pain, especially in the joints and muscles, tend to come in combination with aging and overuse. Everyday pain can be almost a silent condition because many people simply learn to expect it and deal with it on a regular basis. However, there are common herbs that can be grown in your own garden or purchased economically, that can assist greatly in relieving this pain and below we become acquainted with just a few.


Arnica is pretty well-known in the herbal community as an herb everyone should have in their arsenal. It is one of the most effective healing herbs and great for pain relief. It is often used for knee pain, arthritic pain, and after-surgery carpel tunnel syndrome pain. You can make your own Arnica paste, but it also comes packaged in creams and tablets for convenience.


Fennel, which grows easily most anywhere in any climate, is another great pain relieving herb. What is wonderful about fennel is that most people find it to be delicious, so you can easily incorporate this licorice-like herb into your cooking and salads. Fennel seeds are packed with 16 analgesic and 27 antispasmodic chemicals. Fennel can be used for pain in many different ways; as a tea, in your soups, salads, and stews, or right off its branches. Though fennel is highly effective for menstrual pain, if you’re pregnant avoid it all together due to its strong estrogenic effects.


Another very common herb that is easily grown indoors and outdoors, Oregano is on the list of the best herbal pain relievers. Oregano is equipped with 32 anti-inflammatory agents. You can gain its benefits by sprinkling it on your food, cooking it in your red sauces and broths, and as a seasoning for your casserole dishes. You can also make a tea with oregano, rosemary, and thyme. These three herbs all have analgesic, antispasmodic, and anti-inflammatory agents and combine well together in foods and brews.

Your garden, whether outdoors and large, or on your windowsill, can offer a plethora of healing and pain relieving solutions. These natural solutions are healthy and many are delicious. Try them out in a few different ways to see how you personally like to use them. Remember, teas, soups, stews, salads, or raw, do your own research on each herb to see how they can safely be ingested and used.




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The Noodles That Cause Cancer, Obesity, Heart Disease, and Diabetes

Health News January 17, 2017

Ramen noodles are almost a cult affair. Many of us have chosen these instant noodles for breakfast, lunch, and quick dinners, which by the way, aren’t quite made like the traditional ramen, but do come in a similar style, combined with an addictive flavor. Instant noodles are also super cheap, which is another reason why they are so popular among college students and those on tight budgets.

But are instant noodles a danger to your health? Some say they are. Let’s check out the information found on instant ramen noodles that may change your mind about lunch today:

Since South Korea has the highest number of people per capita who choose to eat ramen noodles on a regular basis, the recent study was conducted there. Within the past few years, more Koreans have started developing serious health conditions, such as, heart disease and obesity, so it made sense to begin the study there due to the decline of health in that area.The study was performed on adults between the ages of 19 and 64. It was conducted by a Harvard School, doctoral candidate, Hyoun Shin.

What ingredients are in most ramen instant noodle packs?

High salt content and MSG (monosodium glutamate)

We would assume that it is not just the noodle itself that may be causing harm to South Koreans, but also the accompanying ingredients, which you add yourself. Shin studied two different types of eating patterns; one that included rice, vegetables, and fish, the other was the fast foods diet, which included, of course, instant noodles. Shin found that traditional eaters, those who cooked a variety of healthy foods, as mentioned above, were less likely to have high blood pressure and high cholesterol. The other group who consumed mostly fast foods like instant noodles, were more likely to suffer from these two health issues and more.

This is really no surprise to most of us. These are probably the same numbers that would come out of an American study, where many people consume a fast food diet, and yes, they are more likely to deal with these common health problems. However, do we need to single out instant noodles with a WARNING! sign, when there are many other foods that cause the same health problems along with an individual’s genetics?

The best thing for your overall health is moderation. It’s great to be aware of the dangers of varying types of foods and what they can do to your body if you overeat, but are we sure that singling out certain foods as the “causes” of all of these chronic diseases is the answer? The old adage that “moderation is the key”, and “remember to eat your vegetables”, still works in most cases. If you are already dealing with high blood pressure, heart disease, or strokes, it is best to lower your sodium consumption or cut out sodium altogether. However, this is an issue where you need to listen to your physician first.

As for South Koreans, Shin says that instant noodles appear to be the culprit of the country’s declining health and this is not an argument against that study. We are here to say that not everyone consumes the amount of instant ramen served in many Asian countries and that in Western countries, we have the very same issues with fast food french fries and burgers.





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WARNING: One Bowl of Rice is Equivalent to Two Cans of Soda

Food and Eating January 16, 2017


It seems these days everyone knows friends and family members suffering from diabetes. When we think of diabetes, our minds instantly go to sugar and how much of it we consume. The least most of us know about this disease is that our sugars should be balanced, not too high and not low. There are different levels of diabetes; some patients can control it by taking a pill, while others are on insulin.

Since sugar is the main concern, studies that inform us about the foods we eat, are often even more beneficial to diabetic patients. New research states that though Westerners eat and drink more sugary products in general, than Asians, Asians appear to have a higher chance of getting diabetes. We are also familiar with studies however, that tout the good health of most Asians because of their mostly vegetarian and fish diet along with the amount of walking they do out of necessity, the majority of the time. So what is the culprit, putting Asians in danger? White rice, or so the research suggests. 

Chief Executive of the Health Promotion Board, Zee Yoong Kang, has a plan to help reduce the risk of diabetes across the globe. His focus, of course, is on Asia, where lately, the disease has been attacking more Asians than ever before in history. Kang says that after major studies, it was found that eating white rice everyday, as many Asians do, is worse than consuming two cans of regular sugar laden soda each day. White rice is what is called, a simple carbohydrate, meaning that your body does not have to work to process its sugar as it would a whole wheat product. Therefore, white rice, like white bread turns into glucose in the bloodstream very quickly. Kang says, one bowl of white rice has at least twice the carbs that are consumed in one soft drink. So eating a bowl of white is like drinking two sodas.

Kang desires to discourage the eating of white rice everyday for a few other health reasons as well. Simple carbs like white rice cause the pancreas to perform extra work, which makes it less efficient in making insulin. This causes the body to then more easily absorb the sugar in the foods and drinks we consume. Also, excess sugar, no matter where it comes from, can cause damage to the kidneys. This malfunction is the beginning of the disease.

Studies show that if we just replace white rice with brown rice, at least 20% of the time, there is a huge drop in our risk for diabetes. The risk can go from 20% to 16%, if we also choose other healthy habits, such as, eating more green vegetables, eating whole wheat noodles instead of white noodles, and exercising each day.



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Nanoparticles can target treatment-resistant breast cancer: Study

Health News January 3, 2017

The University of Cincinnati College of Medicine researchers have created multi-functional nanoparticles that may be capable of treating treatment-resistant breast cancer. These RNA nanoparticles could also make existing breast cancer treatments more effective. The study shows that the use of a nanodelivery system that would target HER2-positive breast cancer could slow down tumor growth and stop cancer from spreading to other sensitive areas in the body.

The nanodelivery system would be stopping the cancer from producing a protein called MED1. By ceasing the production of MED1, cancer cells would become more sensitized to a treatment for estrogen-driven cancer, called tamoxifen. This groundbreaking study was published in the American Chemical Society’s ACS Nano.

In a recent press release, Xiaoting Zhang, Ph.D, led the study, shows us that MED1 protein production increases at an unusually high rate in breast cancer cells, so much so, that when the MED1 protein is successfully removed, cancer cell growth stops. According to Dr. Zhang, ” Most breast cancers express estrogen receptors, and the anti-estrogen drug tamoxifen has been widely used for their treatment,Unfortunately, up to half of all estrogen receptor-positive tumors are either unresponsive or later develop resistance to the therapy. In this study, we have developed a highly innovative design that takes advantage of the co-overexpression of HER2 and MED1 in these tumors.”

Zhang’s team of doctors and researchers found that the RNA nanoparticles naturally bind themselves to the HER2-positive cancer tumors that are over-releasing the MED1 protein and reduces its growth significantly. The nano particles also reduced the spread of the HER2-positive cancer tumors. There will be further studies on this sensitive subject, but as for now, it appears that the study has brought forth information that could help doctors treat advanced metastatic and tamoxifen-resistant breast cancer, normally a life-threatening type of cancer.

There will be more clinical trials held at the UC Cancer Institute’s Comprehensive Breast Cancer Center. Though there is more yet to be proven, this study is still good news for breast cancer patients and those at a high risk for the disease.

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Blood Cancer: What is it?

Health News January 3, 2017

Though all cancer is difficult to speak about, it is wise to know as much as you can about issues that can affect your health in a chronic way. There are a huge variety of cancers, however blood cancer appears to be rare, because we don’t hear much about it or its symptoms.

What is Blood Cancer?

Leukemia is what most people know as blood cancer cells. This type of cancer begins in the bone marrow, where soft tissue lives. Normally, Leukemia is found in white blood cells but it can grow in other cell types as well. There are a large multitude of causes of Leukemia, but some are still a mystery. One cause of genetic disorders, such as Down Syndrome, may put people at a higher risk of getting the disease.

Other Causes of Leukemia:

Chemical exposures

The use of tobacco products

Various viral infections

Chronic Osteoarthritis

General family history

Some of the symptoms are: 

Bloating  and pain on the left side of the abdomen

Frequent bleeding from the gums

Frequent bleeding from the rectum or unusually heavy menstrual cycles

Fevers and night sweats

These are just a few of the causes and symptoms of Leukemia. Should you feel that something is wrong due to experiencing pain in the body or frequent discomfort, check in with your family physician for a full physical. Certain symptoms like, swollen lymph nodes, are not painful, so this is one of the symptoms that can be easily dismissed.

When Leukemia is diagnosed early, the chances of survival are much greater. Chances of recovery can be extremely different from one patient to the next, depending on what stage of Leukemia the patient is experiencing. Cancer healer therapy has worked for some patients, however, if you are under a physician’s care, let them know exactly what other types of treatment you are undergoing. This is the safest way to experience natural healing. You would not want prescription medications interacting with natural healing practices unless the healer and medical physician know exactly what you are taking, as far as treatment and meds.

photo credit: Medical News Today



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6 Natural Ways To Make Your Home Smell Amazing

Lifestyle January 2, 2017

Natural Ways To Make Your Home Smell Amazing

Particularly, in the wintertime, our homes are closed up like huge closets. We are keeping warm, staying in more, and rarely allowing any fresh air to flow. Of course, in the summer, those with central air can experience the same deal. A house can gather all sorts of smells that aren’t so pleasant. In the markets there are a myriad of choices of fragrant sprays from which to choose, but many can irritate sinuses and allergies. Also, if you have children and pets, you don’t want them breathing in the chemicals.

So, here are 6 naturals ways to make your home smell amazing:

1. Create your own scent jars

You can use a Mason style jar and fill it with your favorite natural scents like, sliced oranges, apples, lemons, basil, and mint. Use two or three jars of various fragrant fruit and herbs, or make one for each room. Fill each jar with water to preserve your scents for a few days, then clean the jars and refill. By the way, fresh strawberries, if you can get them, is a beautiful smelling room freshener.

2. Stovetop Potpourri

For this you can use a crock pot or a large soup pot. If using a crock pot, fill it with aromatic herbs, fruit juices, and spices like cinnamon and nutmeg. For spring and summer, you may want to choose fresh lemons and herbs, like rosemary and thyme. Once you choose your flavors and scents, turn the crock on low to get it going, then you can turn it to simmer or warm, whichever setting your crock has available. When using a soup pot, fill it just as you filled the crock, but turn it on and keep it on the lowest heat setting for safety purposes. You also want to avoid cooking your aromatics.

3. Make your own olive oil candle

Yes, olive oil has yet another use to add to its ever-growing list. It works beautifully as a room freshener. You need a good candle jar, such as a Mason jar or one of the same quality, some olive oil and a wick. If you end up loving the olive oil candle or simply making your own candles, buying wicks in bulk is pretty cheap. The only other item you’ll need is a paper clip or small piece of wire and you’re on your way to creating a savory olive oil scented home. You can get the instructions here!

4. Essential Oils

Essential oils are a wonderful way to scent your home. There are different grades and quality types, but the aromatic grades are just fine for this purpose. They are very simple to use; you can place a few drops in a small crock or pot on simmer. If you have a diffuser or wouldn’t mind purchasing one, essential oils are great when they are diffused. Put a drop in your carpet, mop the floors with a few drops into a bucket of water, or pour some in a small dish and sit it on a countertop or bookshelf.

5. Freshen up your home with an herbal wreath

It’s very simple and economical to make your own wreath. Any craft store or neighborhood superstore will have wreath making materials. To make an herbal wreath, just choose your favorite herbs and plants to put together, combined with a few splashes of color, whether flowers or ribbons, and sit down with a cup of tea and design your herbal wreath. For a complete list of materials and instructions, visit this home crafts site.

6. Air purifying Himalayan Salt Lamp

Himalayan salt lamps are all the rage right now, and sometimes a home doesn’t need a strong fragrance but more of a pure, clean smell. The air purifying Himalayan salt lamp is perfect for keeping a home smelling fresh the natural way without chemicals and tons of work. If you have pets, you know that odors naturally come with them. Having something in the home that is beautiful and keeps the house smelling odor-free is the ideal.

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Cancer’s Cloaking Device (and How to Use Enzymes to Kill It)

Health News January 2, 2017

Cancer’s Cloaking Device (and How to Use Enzymes to Kill It)

Cancer is always a tough subject. For too many people, it hits home. Family, friends, and themselves, deal with the ravaging affects of this disease and its treatments. There are a multitude of problems with the way cancers are traditionally treated. The very method of chemotherapy kill off our healthy cells as well as the cancerous ones. This is a major health problem, as it is also one of the only options offered to cancer patients.

Let us share a little about how cancer cells behave:

Some cancer cells are able to develop a resistance to treatment, even hide from your immune system. While your immune system does kill off some smaller cancer cells, it is unable to kill them all. The reason for this, is the cells’ ability to become invisible to your immune system, therefore the immune system is not a natural threat to all cancer cells. The cancer cells take on a “cloaking” device which acts as a shield from the effects of the immune system.

An insoluble protein called Fibrin, has been found in large amounts of most cancer tumors that are tested. Researchers discovered fibrin since before the 1960’s when studies showed that fibrin, which stops blood flow, is the major cause of cancer cells’ persistent growth, according to Dr. William Wong, ND, pHD.  

Cancer cells are covered with fibrin and as the cells bind themselves together, tumors are formed, which are then also covered with fibrin. The thick coating of fibrin forms to protect the cancer tumors from our immune system, and therefore they can grow uninterrupted. Since we now know that fibrin is what forms around cancer cells and then around the tumors, it would only make sense to find out how to strip the fibrin away so that our immune system can gain access to the cancerous cells.

Studies show that Proteolytic Enzymes Dissolve Away Cancer’s Shield in Drug Tests:

According to the journal, Medical Hypotheses, there are drug studies that show that proteolytic enzymes are used just for this purpose, to dissolve the fibrin so that the cancer cells can be tested. Why cancer drugs containing proteolytic enzymes are used and work in the laboratory but not used in the same way within the real world setting is the ultimate question.

There are some cancer patients that just happen to be taking a proteolytic enzyme for another unrelated reason and in those cases the fibrin is broken down and the cancer cells are able to be reached by the patient’s immune system. A few other forms of enzymes have been used in cancer studies since 2007, such as, bromelain, which is found in the core of pineapples. Bromelain was used on animals with cancer and was found to work much better than chemotherapy and minus the toxic side effects.

Cancer studies are conducted daily and who knows what other conditions within the body may play a role in the immune system’s lack of response. There could be other medical conditions that require medication, that play a role in the cancer cells’ growth or other prescription medications themselves could also be a factor.








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This Juice Found Better Than Lipitor Drug For Managing Cholesterol Level!

Health News January 2, 2017

Juice Found Better Than Lipitor Drug For Managing Cholesterol Level

High cholesterol plagues many people today and can cause serious problems during the aging process, if not treated properly. Lipitor is one of the most well-known prescription medications on the Big Pharma market at present, but what if there was a natural way to treat high cholesterol that was better than Lipitor? A group of small studies suggests that pomegranate juice may just be nature’s miracle treatment.

These studies also show that pomegranate juice may be able to stop the build-up within the artery walls of those who already have a high risk of heart disease. The studies go on to boldly state that pomegranate juice may work better than Lipitor at managing cholesterol levels. Nitric Oxide is a major force that assists in the repairing of cells that line the arterial walls. Pomegranate appears to support Nitric Oxide so that it actually does its job at a higher level than it does without this natural support. Though most fruit juices have their share of antioxidants, pomegranate juice has even higher amounts of the heart disease fighting agents and because of this can lower bad cholesterol or what is technically called, LDL levels.

If you choose to go the natural route by treating your cholesterol levels with pomegranate juice, make sure to read your labels before purchasing. The pomegranate juice of choice should be pure, not mixed with any other fruit juice or added sugar. Added sugars only defeat the purpose of why you are using pomegranate, and that reason is for the health of your heart and for lower bad cholesterol levels.

Of course, you can also choose to eat the pomegranate seeds and receive the same health benefits. Consuming the juice is simply easier and more convenient. Here are a few facts about the nutritional values of pomegranate seeds per 1 cup:

Calories: 144
Fat: 2g or 4% of DV (Your daily recommended amounts)
Protein: 2g
Fiber: 6g/ 28% of DV
Vitamin C: 18g/ 30% of DV
Vitamin K: 28mcg/ 36% of DV
Vitamin E: 1mg/ 6% of DV
Folate: 66mcg/ 16% of DV


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6 Healthy Uses For Honey

Health News January 1, 2017

Honey might add sweetness to your food, but raw honey, in particular, also keeps your body healthy and your skin glowing. Organic raw honey may be a little more pricey than your average store brand, but when you compare the health benefits and the many uses of high quality honey, the cost is insignificant.

Here are 6 healthy uses for honey that benefit your inner and outer health:

1. Honey helps heal cuts and burns

Most people would never think to use honey on minor cuts and burns, however, a jar of honey is a good thing for families to have around the house. Honey has antibacterial properties that assist in speeding up the recovery of minor skin ailments. Specific types of raw honey are being used in medical environments to help with burns, specifically, keeping infections away and also speeding up the process of recovery.

2. Can be used as a natural face cleanser

Honey is particularly great for cleansing your face when you are a makeup wearer. Oil is required to completely remove makeup, so honey is a perfect solution. Honey is also gentle enough for those who need to clean their skin thoroughly more than once a day, because it is naturally an antibacterial agent and is much easier on the skin than most soaps.

3. Honey is a healthy cough syrup

Many of us had mothers and grandmothers who trusted in honey for the worst colds. Honey soothes a sore throat and eases coughs due to the common cold. It can be used in teas, with lemon or fresh lemon juice, or plain water. To ease a cough, honey can be taken straight from the spoon, warmed, or at room temperature.

4. Make a great smelling honey shampoo

You may think honey is a strange product for washing your hair, but just a small amount of raw honey on your scalp, will keep your scalp and hair healthy, shiny, and silky feeling. You only need a small amount, so you can also add some water and place your honey and water mixture into a spray bottle. With honey, you have a shampoo and conditioner in one.

5. Homemade honey marshmallows

Store bought marshmallows are a combination of ingredients we can’t even pronounce. If you eat healthily, it’s a good idea to stay away from them. There are recipes that require that marshmallow taste and texture, or you may get that urge to put some in your cocoa. Honey is a main ingredient in natural marshmallows, and here is the simple recipe.

6. Honey as a sleep aid?

Yes, according to the Wellness Mama, a teaspoon of raw organic honey combined with a 1/2 tsp of salt, brings on an instant peaceful sleep. So why does this strange combination work? Our cortisol levels should spike during the day and slowly drop until bedtime, but this is in a perfect world, in which none of us live. Sometimes at night, for many of us, our cortisol levels are too high. The Wellness Mama’s Dr. Christianson, says that we ideally should be consuming carbs at night, because carbs will raise your insulin and lower cortisol levels. This is the reason behind the Wellness Mama’s honey trick on those sleepless nights.


: photo credit free from Unsplash



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Saturated fat could be good for you

Health News January 1, 2017

Saturated fat could be good for you

Many consumers are just getting adjusted to the fact that our bodies need fat, just as we do protein, sodium, vitamins, and minerals. Most people are aware of the Omega 3’s, but the idea that saturated fats might possibly be good for you, sounds quite alarming. Of course, there has to be studies to back up this unusual claim. We will explore the science behind the claim to see if we should be adding more saturated fats to our diet.

Norwegian researchers performed a study for diet function (FATFUNC) at Norway’s K.G. Jebsen Center for Diabetes at the University of Bergen, to argue the latest scientific fact that saturated fats may not be the diet evils we were told they are, but instead could be a valuable part of a healthy diet. There were 38 men who participated in the trial,, all with abdominal obesity. All 38 men had diets that contained either high amounts of carbohydrates or high amounts of fat, which half was found to be saturated fats. The risk for cardiovascular disease was accurately measured during this study.

Those in the study with a very high consumption of total saturated fat were not at any higher risk for cardiovascular diseases than those whose diet contained little to none. This portion of the study was performed by Professor and Cardiologist, Otter Nygard. According to Chris Kresser L.Ac, “More evidence substantiating what I’ve talked about for years; good-quality saturated fats are an important part of a healthy diet. The study from the University of Bergen in Norway found that participants who were “on the very-high-fat diet had substantial improvements in several important cardiometabolic risk factors, such as ectopic fat storage, blood pressure, blood lipids (triglycerides), insulin and blood sugar.”

So what are we to make of this information as it concerns our every day eating habits?

The healthiest diet is always one of moderation, but the studies say that the key is also the eating of higher quality foods, regardless of the fat content and type. The FATFUNC study shows that good quality foods containing saturated fat actually raises the good cholesterol numbers (LDL). These LDL numbers tended to increase along with very high saturated fat diets, instead of those who were on more of a mixed fats way of eating. So for now, eat a wide variety of healthy, high quality foods to maintain good health. Future studies will focus on those people whose health will depend upon eating little  or no saturated fats in their daily diets.




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