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7 Ways to Work Out Longer and Stronger

Body and Beauty August 30, 2017

Do you want a new healthy and strong body going into 2018? There are ways to work out that are secrets only the best trainers know. Certainly, you can start slow and build up to what you want to do, as most people do. These tips and tricks are not meant to rush your growth, because you don’t want to injure yourself. But if you’ve been working out for  a while you may be ready to kick it up a few notches, and here’s how:

1. Set a Goal

When you set a goal for yourself you are much more inclined to go for it than if you are just winging it to see how many crunches you can do. A goal would be, ” how many crunches can I do in 5 minutes?” This is the type of goal that motivates you to stretch yourself a bit more each week.

2. Create a Plan

Using some sort of planner to schedule your goals and workout times is a great way to keep yourself motivated. Without a schedule, it’s easier to brush off your workout until another time or another day, then you find yourself skipping days, simply from forgetfulness or lack of interest. So always create a schedule by using a planner.

3. Change Up Your Routine

Doing the same set of workout exercises can get redundant and boring. This is why it is great to change things up a bit and keep your workout routine interesting. You can do this by changing the number of sets or the order of your routine. Every once in a while add a new exercise into your routine to challenge you even further.

4. Focus on Every Body Part

Some people like to spot train and that is fine, as spot training focuses your routine on a certain area of your body, but your workout must include every area of the body to be a successful workout each time.

5. Eat Right and Take Supplements as Needed

Remember that when working out your body must be in the best condition possible. Therefore it is vital that you eat the right foods and take supplements as you need them. Do your research because there are a lot of things out there on the market and you want to to take the ones that are going to serve your body the best.

6. Motivate Yourself

Stay motivated by encouraging yourself through affirmations and reading books that keep you encouraged. Books by other trainers and trainees are great to have around the house for when you begin to feel a bit tired or bored from your workout. Also, working out with friends can be a perfect way to stay motivated and have a little healthy competition.

7. Be Safe

One of the most important things you can do for yourself is to be safe and do your exercises correctly with proper form so that don’t have to deal with injury. Don’t push yourself to the point of pain each time you exercise. Yes, if you are stretching yourself to do more and challenging yourself, you will feel sore at times, but pain is unnecessary. Take good care of your muscles and joints and don’t forget to stretch before and after your workout.

Source:Beach Body on Demand

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