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6 Healthy Food Trends You Should Know About in 2018

Health News October 19, 2017

Many people will spend December 31st making promises to themselves. This is called the New Year’s resolution, and most resolutions, sad to say, are not kept past January. Most of these resolutions have to do with our health. We want to lose weight, we want to gain more muscle, walk further, run faster. Maybe with a little knowledge of what others seem to be eating that is healthy for their bodies, you will be inspired to eat a more healthy diet for yourself. Following health trends can really be helpful because you feel like you’re in a club and you don’t feel alone in making these changes.

Here are 6 health trends you should know about for 2018:

And you don’t have to wait until 2018 to start.

1. Ugly Fruit

Yes, that’s right. Some of the healthiest fruits and vegetables will not have the perfect coloring or the perfect shape because they are grown naturally and when you grow produce naturally without chemicals, they may not always be pretty but they will be good for you.

2. Cooking from root to stem

Cooking from root to stem is cooking the entire vegetable without throwing any of it away. So, for example, you would cook the whole broccoli from stalk to the florets. There are many nutrients in the parts of produce we tend to just toss in the trash. Greens can be cooked this way as well. Greens hold nutrients within the leaves and the stems. Sometimes the stems can be a little tough, but if you chop them up before cooking you can solve that problem.

3. Seaweed

Seaweed is the new green. This ocean produce has been proven to be one of the healthiest foods we can eat and for those who love that ocean taste of seafood and a bit of saltiness, seaweed may  just be up your alley. You can find it in just about any decent market these days and it’s not expensive to purchase. So get yourself some greens, the new green.

4. Veggie Burgers

Yes, there are a wide variety of veggie burgers on the market now and many taste like real beef, honestly. So if you’re new to the vegetarian diet, try out a few different brands and see which ones spark your taste buds and satisfy your appetite.

5. Jackfruit

Jackfruit may fall into the ugly produce category but it’s a delicious fruit that is often used in vegetarian dishes in place of pork. It has that texture and you can season it any way you like. This yummy fruit hails from Asia and is used there as a common dish. If you’re new to jackfruit, use it in a stirfry, that’s the easiest way to get used to the flavor and texture.

6. Subscription Meal Boxes

There are very healthy subscription meal boxes available now for those who don’t cook or are not sure how to prepare a healthy meal. These subscription boxes come in handy for busy people as well, who have too much on their plates already and just want to come home to a healthy meal.


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The 5 Healthiest Things a Woman Can Do for Her Body

Health News October 18, 2017

It is a well known fact that people of the same age can look quite differently from one another. One woman at 50 is still turning heads due to her healthy glow while others may look ten years older than their actual age. This has a lot to do with genetics but it also has a lot to do with how well we take care of ourselves during our younger years and during the present age. Taking care of your everyday health is highly important, to not just your looks, but also your level of activity and the health of your mind. A woman can remain active and beautiful well into her seventies and eighties if she does the right things.

We offer you 5 healthy things you can do for your body that will help you keep that natural glow:

1. Be proactive

As we stated in the above paragraph, it is wise to start thinking about your senior years way ahead of time by eating the right foods and exercising. The more proactive you are about your health, the easier it will be to remain healthy into your later years. And we all know that healthy is beautiful. So take care of yourself now and you can maintain that wonderful glow.

2. Be passionate about your health and exercise routine

You should be passionate about your health routine or you won’t see the results you are seeking. The more you stay on schedule, the better experiences you will have with your health regime. Start a program you know that you will enjoy and it will be easier to be excited about it when it’s time to exercise.

3. Everything in moderation

Enjoy life in moderation. Try to avoid alcohol as much as possible. This is not to say, don’t ever celebrate with friends and family, but watching your sugar and alcohol consumption will keep you healthy and active into your senior years. Smoking cigarettes is another thing to avoid if you want to take care of your health. We all know the hazards of smoking and drinking too much alcohol, so live in moderation and stick with your healthy treats.

4. Stay social and make friends with other women

Making friends with other women of like minds, is a way to keep you young and healthy. The more active you are, the more your body and mind will remain engaged in life. Your engagement with life keeps you joyful and happy and to be happy and surrounded by good friends is one of the healthiest things you can do for yourself.

5. Get your proper amount of sleep

Get your rest. It is imperative to a healthy life. Forget about that saying,, ” I will sleep when I’m dead”, you need to rest well now. Set a certain bedtime and try to stick with that. We know it’s not possible at all times, but for the most part stick to your resting and sleeping regime. It will play a huge part in keeping you young and healthy.


Source: The 10 Healthiest Things Women Can Do For Their Bodies 

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5 Most Common Early Signs of Alzheimer’s

Health News October 18, 2017

Alzheimer’s, is a scary word for many. It is a disease that takes chunks out of your life by destroying your memory. Often Alzheimer’s patients will not even remember what year they are living in, or who their family is, and they may not recognize you when they see you. It is a devastating disease for the entire family, not just for the patient. It is good to know the early signs of this disease, so at least you can be aware of what to do next, and that is to see your physician immediately. There may be ways to slow down the disease’s progress or reverse some of the symptoms.

Here are 5 early signs of Alzheimer’s you need to know:

1. Forgetting recent information

When you begin to forget recent information like where you live, your personal information, or maybe news that a family member just recently shared with you, for example, your niece is coming for a Fall visit, and you totally forget that you two even had a conversation about the trip. You may still remember events from many years ago while this is happening, and only forget what was recently shared with you.

2. You have trouble following directions and instructions

You may find yourself getting confused or completely forgetting directions to places you used to visit or instructions for a hobby or project you were involved in. Some Alzheimer’s patients forget things we never forget, like how to drive or ride a bike. You will find yourself forgetting very common things you do everyday and how to do them. This is a huge and common sign of early Alzheimer’s and time to visit your physician.

3. Changes in your personality

Your family and friends may notice this more than you will; changes in your personality. You will find that you are simply not yourself. The way you react to certain conversations and happenings will be different. You may find yourself angry when you wouldn’t normally get angry or irritable at odd times when everything is alright and you can’t find a reason for your irritability.

4. You may have difficulty communicating

Another common sign of early Alzheimer’s is trouble communicating. You will find yourself mixing up words or not knowing how to respond to a question or statement. The same thing may happen if you are writing or typing. You may have trouble understanding what you are supposed to say or how you should say it. It is a debilitating feeling and one that family and friends will notice as well.

5. Hiding items

A common symptom of early Alzheimer’s is hiding things. You may find yourself hiding and hoarding things that are common. It may come from a sense of paranoia, not recognizing everyone that is in your home or visiting you. The sense of hoarding may come from fear of losing things you need and forgetting where common everyday items are when you need them.

If you are experiencing these symptoms, see your physician right away. It could be the onset of Alzheimer’s or another health issue that requires medical attention.

Source: Active Beat: Common Early Signs of Alzheimer’s 

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Is Brown Rice Actually Healthier than White Rice?

Health News October 17, 2017

Some may take for granted that everyone knows the difference between white and brown rice, but they would be mistaken. Some people never buy brown rice because they are used to white and others don’t buy white rice because they perceive it to be less healthy. So let’s get down to the facts about white and brown rice. For those afraid of brown rice, it is good for you to know that anything you do with white rice can be done with brown rice, from eating it plain to using it in casseroles.

Studies say that brown rice is definitely the healthier choice because brown rice still contains all of its bran and the nutritious germ, so it is thereby, a whole grain, while white rice has been stripped of both of these healthy parts of the rice. For those used to white rice, brown rice doesn’t taste so much different. It is a bit nuttier in flavor depending on what kind and brand you buy, but as we stated above, it is a healthy substitute for white rice in any dish.

The switch from white rice to brown rice is similar to the switch from white bread to whole wheat or whole grain breads. The whole grain and whole wheat bread is much tastier, nuttier, richer and feels a bit heavier in the mouth than your average white loaf of sliced bread. The process is also similar to that of creating white rice. Basically all of the health and goodness has been stripped from the bread/flour that was used to make it.

Changing eating habits may be hard at first, particularly if you grow up with a specific food. However, the health benefits of brown rice over white rice is so phenomenal that it is worth the diet change. Start with things like casseroles where the rice doesn’t play the major role, and then slowly end up at brown rice and roasted vegetables, which is quick and hearty. After a short while, your taste for white rice as opposed to brown rice, will disappear.


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The Health Benefits of the Pomegranate

Health News October 17, 2017

The pomegranate, is one of the most beautiful fruit around. It’s legend says that it may have been the “apple” talked about in the Garden of Eden. Of course, we’ll never know that for sure. But we do know that the pomegranate is great for your health, though a bit messy to eat, it is totally worth it.

The pomegranate has come into its own these last few years. In  many parts of the U.S., they are eaten and celebrated most around Halloween and Thanksgiving. Now, as long as pomegranates are in season, people are enjoying cracking it open and picking out those gorgeous deep red seeds that are packed with vitamins and goodness.

Much like the strawberry, pomegranates are rich in vitamin C, needed for the winter and antioxidants which are needed for an overall healthy lifestyle. The seeds of the pomegranate are packed with fiber and full of anti-inflammatory properties. This is highly important because most of our illnesses and health problems are now contributed to inflammation throughout the body.

After many studies, the pomegranate has been proven to protect us against various chronic diseases, like certain cancers and even Alzheimer’s disease. We know that both these diseases are devastating to the patient and the families, and that it is best to be proactive when it comes to one’s health. You can easily add pomegranate to your diet by putting the seeds on a salad, eating them as a snack instead of chips or candy bars, mixing them with your favorite trailmix or drinking the pomegranate juice.

Yes, this is not just a beautiful fruit, pomegranates have much to offer our bodies to help us become healthier individuals. And most importantly, it is best to add these little red seeds to your diet while your health is good because most healthy foods are most potent when they are in preventative mode.

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Scientists Reveal the Relationship Between Sugar and Cancer

Health News October 13, 2017

Many of us have heard so much about the reasons why we should cut sugar out of our diets altogether. According to many health experts, white sugar has no redeeming qualities and all it does is make you crave for more. However, now we find out something very serious from studies that have been done between sugar consumption and cancers.

This research has been published in the renowned journal Nature Communications, and was conducted by three organizations who partnered together to research the relation between sugars and cancer cells. The researchers, VIB, KU Leuven, and VUB, found that when cancer cells break down sugar, tumor growth is then stimulated. The study provides for the public, evidence of a direct relationship between cancer and sugar.

It appears that according to the research, sugar awakens cancer cells. Professor Johan Theivlein, of KU Leuven, states that hyperactive sugar consumption of cancerous cells turns into a vicious and dangerous cycle where cancer growth is being constantly stimulated and therefore, the tumors become even larger. This tumor agressiveness is called the Warburg effect. This research will help to lessen tumor growth in the near future, but for now it already helps to create specific diets for cancer patients, now that doctors know that there is evidence that sugar awakens cancer cells.

For cancer patients, with help and suggestions from a doctor, this may be a way that cancer growth can slow down and reduce its agressivness, by avoiding sugar in their daily diets. Of course this evidence does not replace all other cancer treatments that have been chosen for any particular patient, but it will add another healthy aspect to their diets and nutritional intake.

Otto Heinrich Warburg was responsible for finding what is now called the Warburg effect, which discovered cancer’s sweet tooth. His research, nor do the recent studies, call themselves a cancer cure by any means, cancer research is always ongoing because there are so many forms of cancer and many respond to diets differently. But both research studies do prove unequivocably that sugar is not good for cancer cells because it causes larger tumors and tumors that are formed more quickly.

Source: Science Daily

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Does Your Wrinkle Cream Really Work?

Health News October 12, 2017

The FDA says, no, that skin cream cannot repair DNA damage, reverse aging, or cure your rosacea. The FDA warns of many false claims when it comes to these de-aging products on the market today. They cost, mostly women, a lot of money and cannot deliver on their promises. The Food and Drug Administration has waged war on the beauty industry, researching and investigating one product at a time.

For those who are familiar with the anti-aging company Strivectin, sold only at high-end stores like Bloomingdale’s and Nordstrom’s, they were the most recent company to receive a warning letter from the FDA. There are a few claims that Strivectin makes on their products that the FDA demands be removed. One of those claims is that the skin cream will change the anatomy of a wrinkle. Customers may not even know what that language means but it sounds good enough for women to drop approximately one-hundred bucks on the product daily.

The FDA’s main objections surrounding Strivectin’s claims, were that the company kept promising in different phrases to change the structure of your anatomy, which no cream or any other product can do. Strivectin’s Advanced Tightening Neck Cream was also singled out for its marketing language which included the claims that it will “restore the elastin fiber architecture”, and “while improving resistance to gravity.”

Of course, it is not just Strivectin that is being investigated for its marketing language, many other anti-aging products are under the spotlight. The fact that the FDA is trying to get across to potential customers, is that there is no cream that can change the structure of your anatomy, which includes your skin. Only plastic surgery can produce some of the results many of these customers are seeking. From wrinkles to age spots, there is no mixture in a tube that can vanish these aging skin problems. For some women who have, and who have maintained healthy skin, a simple regular moisturizer can give them the glow and youthful skin they desire.

According to co-author of the Original Beauty Bible, Bryan Barron, the only thing anti-aging creams do is moisturize the skin. Therefore, the FDA is correct in saying that women may as well purchase a good moisturizer than spend their money on these anti-aging products marketing themselves with a lot of words that many customers don’t understand anyway.

Source: Does Your Wrinkle Cream Really Work? The FDA Warns About False Claims

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Blame the Neanderthal in You for Your Mood

Health News October 6, 2017

Most people have heard about our connection to our Neanderthal ancestors. Science has proven that indeed we have evolved from another race of humans quite different but yet in many ways, like us. Science says it all began with our interbreeding, that once humans, as we know us to be, and the Neanderthal race existed together, we breeded and began to share some traits we know today.

Research shows that our Neanderthal mixing of breeds, has contributed to some of our modern diseases and immunities today. Now research shows that we inherited many things from our ancient family, like color, features, sleep patterns, our moods, and our urge to smoke or to not smoke. We are more intertwined than even researchers thought and the new studies have given us another reason on which to blame some of our negative traits.

Janet Kelso and Max Planck, two researchers from the Institute of Evolutionary Anthropology in Germany, says that their research team was more interested in studying our connection to the Neanderthal race that was unrelated to diseases, instead they were looking to compare traits that appear to be ordinary, everyday behavior. Many studies before this one have discovered DNA traits between the two races to be similar but have not been sure of the “whys”. Now this study brings cross breeding into the picture, which means that we share much more with the Neanderthal race than was reported before.

Kelso says, we can now prove that hair color, skin tone, and even how quickly a person will tan, all comes from our mixing with this ancient race. Kelso and Planck’s team also discovered that there are certain Neanderthals that connect with lighter skinned people and others with darker skinned people of today. They found the same evidence for hair color, lighter shades and darker tones were all affected by our connection with the Neanderthal race.

Our moods, sleeping patterns, ability to deal with weather patterns, color, skin tone, and body clocks, are the cause of late arriving Africans to Eurasia. Other Neanderthals had been there for thousands of years and were adjusted to the area, while late comers from Africa had to adjust in many ways including, skin tone and moods, also their sleeping habits would need to change to survive. All of these traits, including our circadian rythms, are affected by sunlight exposure or the lack thereof, Kelso and Planck’s research indicates.

So when there is a so-called negative trait that people are talking about concerning your daily habits, just blame it on the Neanderthals, even though it is not only negative traits for which they are given credit.

Source: Science Daily


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6 Autumn Holiday Foods That are Actually Good for Your Health

Health News October 5, 2017

The holiday season is just around the corner and we all know that a huge part of the fun is eating all those delicious foods, from pumpkin to apple pie. Usually there is, what they call the “holiday 10”, the ten pounds we gain during this season between Halloween and New Year’s Eve. Many people have learned how to fight off the pounds and the cravings, many have not. Some just enjoy the eating and worry about it during the new year. But there are foods that are holiday regulars that have amazing health benefits if we eat them correctly and in the right amounts.

Here are 6 of those holiday dishes that can add some healthiness to your life, instead of empty calories:


Pumpkin is a regular around the holiday table but it’s usually inside of a delicious pie. You don’t need to give up the pie if you choose not to, but bake or roasted pumpkin is a great addition to anyone’s diet. It assists in lowering your blood pressure and therefore helps to promote a healthy heart.


Last, but certainly not least on the list is cinnamon, which  is used in dishes all Autumn and Winter. Cinnamon can lower blood sugar levels and help reduce the risk of heart disease, however, stick to small doses of cinnamon in whatever you eat because it is also a natural hallucinigen. Otherwise, it is packed with daily needed nutrients.

Sweet Potato

Sweet potatoes are eaten a lot in the South in America during the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays. They are naturally sweet and when baked with olive oil can add a nice dose of beta carotenes and vitamin C to your diet which is greatly needed during the winter months to stave off the common cold. They are tasty, baked and eaten right out of the oven.

Green Beans

Green beans are normally eaten in a casserole that may be a bit fattening, but if you try steamed green beans with some garlic and olive oil instead, they will provide you with a healthy dose of fiber and vitamins such as A, C, K, and B6 for energy.

Whole Wheat Bread

Instead of the obvious dinner rolls, a slice of whole wheat bread on the side of your holiday plate provides you with all sorts of healthy goodness. Whole wheat bread is packed with fiber and nutrition. It also fills you up quicker than white dinner rolls, and so you are likely to eat less.


Cranberries often in sauce form, are wonderful boiled down into a natural sauce, with a touch of orange juice instead of sugar. Cranberries provide your body with antioxidants, acts as an antinflammatory, and has been proven to have anti-cancer benefits. They are also a great source of vitamins E and K.



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Eating More Fruits and Vegetables Will Boost Your Psychological Levels in Just Two Weeks

Health News October 3, 2017

Though most of us know just how healthy eating more fruit and vegetables are for the body, lesser known, is the research done this year that tells us that fruit and vegetables are also great and healthy for us psychologically. New research tells u that in just two weeks of increasing our intake of fruit and vegetables we could see a change in our psychological well-being.

This recent study was led by Dr. Tamlin Conner, from the Psychology department of the University of Otago in New Zealand. Young adults who participated in the study were given an increase of a wide variety of fruit and vegetables for 2 weeks and began to experience a noticeable change in their motivation levels. The research results were reported in the journal PLOS ONE. The United States Department of Agriculture suggests that for adults to experience this same noticeable change, they must consume at least two cups of fruit and two-three cups of vegetables daily.

A healthy consumption of the recommended dosage of fruit and vegetables is also known to lessen the risks of many diseases such as, type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, obesity, strokes, and some forms of cancer. And it is simple to add these extra servings to your daily diet. Change your meal plans before you go shopping to include more fruit and vegetables than other food groups. Make these foods the center of your meal and place your protein around it as a side dish. After a couple weeks, which is all this research says is required, you will be used to eating the daily recommended amounts of these healthy foods.

In order for this research to be validated, the participants were separated into three groups for the two weeks. 171 students enrolled in the project. One-third of the group ate the way they always did, another group was given just two additional servings of fruit and vegetables, while the last group was given three additional servings and reminders sent via text to eat more. At the study’s beginning, the three groups were tested psychologically, for mood, vitality, and motivation. The third group who were encouraged to eat the most fruit and vegetables far outweighed the other two groups in their rise in vitality and motivation, and had a significant increase in their sense of well-being. This study proves that it isn’t just about eating fruit and vegetables, it does matter how much is included in your diet.

Source: Medical News Today 

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