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A Simple Exercise Plan for the Non-Exerciser

Lifestyle November 20, 2017

It is the time of year where exercise is most important. We are enjoying more decadent meals, desserts, and cocktails, than usual. All of which cause weight gain and sluggishness. Honestly, serious forms of working out are not for everyone, but there are simple things you can do to get your exercise program in gear. You don’t need to be an athlete or yogi master to master these simple exercises, you just have to be willing to get started.

1. Walking

Something that most people are able to do is walking. Everyday, make it a habit to walk at least 15 minutes before or after work. You can even fit walking into your lunch hour or work breaks instead of heading for the soda or snack machine to fill the time.

2. Yoga Asanas

Yoga asanas are simple yoga poses that most people can do even if they have little flexibility. There are even yoga moves on the internet for those who are physically challenged. Usually the morning asanas include a lot of stretching, which is great for the body and often neglected. If you walk in the evenings or during the day. Try a couple yoga stretches when you first awaken in the morning to get that blood flowing.

3. Office Exercise

There are stretches you can also do at your work desk. Take a moment to simply stretch your legs underneath your desk until you can truly feel the stretch in your muscles. You can also stand for a moment and stretch both arms out to the side until you feel a good chest stretch. If you are on the computer all day, give your neck a quick but gentle turn to each side and massage both sides of your neck and massage your hands for a few moments as well.

4. Dancing

Something you may want to do at home and not in the office unless it’s the holiday party, is dancing. Dancing is terrific exercise. it keeps you limber, is tons of fun and can help you strengthen your muscles and lose weight. After work, before dinner, turn on your favorite dance station and just have a great time moving your body to the music. This is one of the most enjoyable but effective exercises there is.

You can do one of these exercise suggestions faithfully or partake in a mixture of all of them during the day and evening. You can even switch it up to keep it interesting and do yoga one week and walk the next week. Some days, dance in the mornings, other days, at night. The simple fact is, that it is important to move and stretch the body as much as possible if you can and you will see the benefits of this movement as you age.

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How You Can Add Some Nature To Your Life

Lifestyle November 7, 2017

Sources have expained to us over the last couple of decades just how important it is to add some nature to your daily life. In Native American lore, it is good to place your feet on the ground each day at least once in bare feet. There is a belief that there is a certain energy that comes from Mother Earth that keeps us balanced and healthy. Whether you believe the Native American lore or not, it can’t hurt to get in touch with Gaia everyday in your own way.

It doesn’t need to be for long periods of time, but a small time of enjoying the earth that serves us so well, can be healthy for body, mind, and certainly keep your spirits lifted. How do you fit nature into your life in the city? There are ways, you just need to be creative.

Here are a few interesting ways to get in touch with nature, even if you live in the busy city.

Visit your local park

Every city, big or small, has local parks. Take some time during lunch or after work to enjoy the sights and sounds of nature. If you are a picture buff, take some photos as a reminder of your time there. You may just end up with a love for photography as well as a love for the outdoors. Since it is Autumn in the Northern Hemisphere, enjoy the changing colors before winter comes along and turns it all white.

Fill your home with plants

If it is hard for you to get outdoors, purchase some plants for your living space. Ask your florist or simply go to the internet to see what plants thrive in the winter and are easy to care for indoors. Having plants in the home keeps you connected to Mother Earth during the winter season.

Plant your own vegetables and herbs

There are vegetables and herbs that grow easily inside a kitchen windowsill. Do your research and find herbs and veggies you enjoy so that they don’t go to waste. And after cooking, get a compost pot and give those unused parts back to the earth.

Celebrate the holidays with live plants and trees

If you are able, and celebrate Christmas, get a real tree, or if you celebrate any other holiday, buy some plants to honor the day and the season. like Poinsettias.

Fire is a part of nature

If you have a working fireplace, use it, even if you have electric or gas heat. Fire is also a way to enjoy nature. Light a candle at evening time for dinner. Not only is it honoring a part of nature, it sets a beautiful and relaxing mood.

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7 Ways to Fall Asleep When You Can’t

Lifestyle October 19, 2017

Sleep is one of the most important things we can do for our bodies and our minds. Some people require medication and if your insomnia is severe, you may want to consult your physician, it may be the result of another health problem. However, if your insomnia is sporadic, there are some natural ways to help you fall asleep that does not require a prescription medication.

We offer you 7 ways to fall asleep when you can’t:

1. Prepare for sleep

Many of us have busy days that cause us to remain hyped up at night when it’s time for bed. The thoughts and events of the day haunt us in a way where we cannot wind down. The best thing to do is to prepare for sleep. At a certain time at night, turn off the electronics and digital devices, even your cell phone if you can. Some people take care of others or have kids old enough to be out and don’t feel comfortable doing that, but the ipod, television, and laptops can go off without disturbing that fact. Get the house quiet and sit still for a while until you naturally relax into a state in which you can slowly drift into sleep.

2. Have an early dinner

If possible, have your dinner before 7pm. Eating late can disturb your body clock because your body is still digesting its food. Having an earlier dinner time without snacking the rest of the night, can help your body to go into sleep mode when it’s time. Allow your food to have time to digest naturally and then prepare for bed.

3. Chamomile tea

Chamomile tea is well-known for causing drowsiness. Not only is it a sleep agent naturally, but taking the time to prepare it and sip comfortably is a habit that may just help you to relax every night. Drink your tea about an hour before bed. This will give you time to go to the restroom one last time and then crawl into bed for a good night’s rest.

4. Lavender

Fresh or dried lavender is easy to acquire. Lavender has been used since ancient times as a natural relaxant. You can put lavender under your pillow, sprinkle it onto your sheets, bathe in it, or if you are into essential oils, place a drop or two on the bottoms of your feet. Your body will process it quickly in that location. If you don’t want to feel it on your sheets, place it under the fitted sheet and you will drift off peacefully in no time, especially if you make it a habit.

5. Warm milk or cocoa

It is true that warm milk makes you drowsy and cocoa is made with milk as a warm drink. Both warm milk or warm cocoa are soothing and again, the process of making these drinks for yourself tells your body that it is bedtime. Once you make a habit of either drinking warm milk, cocoa, or tea that is caffeine free, you will find that your occasional insomnia will begin to disappear.

6. White noise

White noise has worked for a lot of people who choose this way of going to sleep. Some people cannot tolerate pure silence, so playing a video or cd with white noise on it, at medium level will help solve that issue that stops many people from being kept awake due to their constant thoughts.

7. Meditation

Meditation is another great way to fall asleep. Now, you don’t want to fall asleep during your meditation as it also holds other benefits for the mind and body, but afterwards you should be calm and ready to relax. Choose some soothing music if you find meditation frustrating or a guided meditation that is designed and recorded for sleeping.


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6 Ways to Meditate that Don’t Include Sitting Still

Lifestyle September 30, 2017

Since spiritual teachers like Deepak Chopra and Eckhart Tolle became famous among the masses. Everyone in a spiritual state of mind feels as though they should be meditating on a regular basis. Meditation has proven itself to be great for your mind, body, and spirit health, but not everyone has what it takes to sit still, often in silence. And many spiritual people begin to feel guilty because they get frustrated and stop trying. The mind’s constant chatter is just too much to handle.

But meditating can be done in many ways because all it really is, is a method to bring you into the present moment, instead of worrying about the past or anticipating the future. So for those of you who can’t seem to benefit from a silent sitting meditating, there are other ways to bring yourself into the present moment.

1. Music

Dancing to your favorite music for a specific period of time is a great way to remain in the present. If you want, you can use chanting spiritual music or simply music you enjoy that helps to calm you down.

2. Walking

Taking a walk is a another way to bring yourself into the present, or if you have something you need to work out in your head, a walk is a perfect way to do just that. You can walk in your neighborhood or if that’s not calming, find a quiet park area or by the water is a great place.

3. A Calming Bath

We have turned into a quick shower generation, when baths used to be the norm, and in many countries, they still are. Find a bath salt or bath gel you love, and take time to take a slow long bath. Bring a book with you if you really want something to immerse yourself in, and just relax.

4. Walking a Labyrinth

In many towns and cities, you can find a labyrinth, which is a walking path that will remind you of a maze. The purpose is that you bring yourself into the present moment by doing nothing but following the path. There are labyrinth’s at large church’s that allow people to use them freely. Seek out one in your area and see if this is a relaxing method of meditation for you.

5. Yoga

Yoga is the perfect form of active meditation. It doesn’t need to be a formal class. You can get on the internet and find a video for beginners, if that’s what you are. If you are not a beginner, there are various forms of yoga you may want to try to calm yourself and come into the present moment.

6. Scrying

Scrying may not be a familiar term to many people, but it’s a simple process. Many people stare into a black mirror and allow images to flow freely before their eyes. You can also try a regular mirror and just stare into it until you lose focus and become lost in the moment. You can use the sky for scrying as we did as children and saw all sorts of animals and stories in the clouds. Scrying is a great way to lose yourself into the present moment.

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5 Ways to Look Like a Morning Person When You’re Not

Lifestyle September 18, 2017

Science has proven that we all have a natural internal clock that makes some people morning people and others, night owls. But sometimes, there comes a time when night owls must become morning people for very important reasons, like school, work, appointments, and children, just to name a few. So how does a night owl transform him or herself into someone that looks like a morning person. Well, there are ways to fool those around you, even if you can’t fool yourself.

We bring you 5 ways to look like a morning person, even if you’re not:

1. Drink plenty of water

Staying hydrated is one of the most important ways to waking up with a smile on your face. Dehydration makes you look and feel sluggish so looking tired is inevitable. This isn’t something that you can do in a rush, but if you know that you just made a commitment to get up early, begin making water your best friend.

2. Choose your caffeinated beverage

Yes, coffee does actually work to awaken you and your brain according to various studies. If you’re not a coffee person, there are plenty of caffeinated teas that will also do the trick, such as Earl Grey or any form of black teas, have enough caffeine to make a difference in your morning. This is an easy trick that takes affect pretty quickly. If you have a surprise wake up call early in the AM, grab yourself a huge mug of coffee or black tea and be on your way.

3. Less makeup  is the key

It may seem as if putting on tons of makeup, will hide those party night eyes and lack luster skin, but it is really just the opposite, the less makeup, the better. Simply, a clean face, with a toner and a light effervescent foundation to give yourself a natural glow will help you look brighter and more alert. If you have time to build your process for brighter skin, eat plenty of fruits and vegetables and again, stay hydrated.

4. Eye Makeup

When the eyes look awake, you look awake. Stay clear, as we said above, of heavy foundations and pancake makeup, but focus on waking up the eyes with a good mascara and eye lash curler. If you own some fake lashes that aren’t for partying but perfect for daytime, pop them on and head out into the world. After all, they say the eyes are the window to the soul, well, here they are also the tell-tale sign that either you’ve been up all night, or had a great night’s sleep and ready for your day.

5. Stretching and Yoga

A good morning of yoga asanas will wake up your body and spirit. Yoga asanas are basic yoga stretches and postures to help you begin your day. If yoga is not your thing, a basic set of stretches will also wake you up. There are plenty of ideas for stretching on the internet and there are many books out there as well, Sometimes you can simply listen to your body and it will tell you whether to reach up or lie down and stretch your legs. Stretching is very natural. Animals do it all the time.

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The Science of Happiness

Lifestyle August 21, 2017

This is not the first time we have heard about happiness and science merging, but the research never ceases to find out why some people live a generally happy life and others, no matter how many material things they have, seem to never be happy. Research shows that once you get the things you need with ease, like a home, food, the ability to pay your bills on time, there is not much higher to go on the happiness scale. In other words, unless you are struggling for your basic needs, happiness appears to be a choice you make every day.

Once, in an interview, one of the richest women in the world, Oprah Winfrey, admitted that she was not what you would call, ” a happy person at all times”, now we know, it is impossible for anyone to be happy all of the time, but we would expect that Oprah would be generally happy most of the time, but she admits that it is hard for her. Some researchers call this the “happiness quotient”. The happiness quotient explains that every person has a level of happiness that they can naturally reach, no matter what their lifestyle may be. There have been studies where people on remote islands who seemingly have none of life’s luxuries and work hard every day for their own basic needs, are some of the happiest people in the world.

Research shows that everyone’s level of happiness is individual. Some will always be happy even without having a lot of material things, or the perfect job, or the perfect mate. Happiness comes naturally to these types  of people. Their happiness quotient is naturally high, while others will always struggle to be happy even when it seems as though they have everything.

Scientists say that you can raise your happiness quotient through programs like positive psychology, learning how to think positively about your life in spite of what you have or don’t have. Many positive psychology programs teach you that material things don’t bring you happiness, as in the case of Oprah Winfrey, who we would expect to be ecstatic at all times. Research shows that you raise your happiness quotient by focus, focusing on the things, people, experiences, you have in your life every day. These programs are not saying to ingnore your problems, it is simply simply saying that a beleif that everything will be well, will slowly raise your happiness quotient.


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You Can Practice Mindfulness in Just 15 Minutes a Day

Lifestyle August 19, 2017

Mindfulness; it’s a word we’ve been hearing all over the place these days. But what exactly is mindfulness and how can it be achieved. Well, the good news is, that it can be achieved in many different ways and the best definition for mindfulness is being fully present in the moment. It is a gentle focus on what is going on now. It is like washing the dishes and paying attention to the task at hand instead of thinking about next week’s work schedule.

Still, it’s an elusive term, but living each moment in the NOW is the best way to explain it. Does it sound like an impossible task, if so, you are not alone in that thinking. However, you can tap into a small bit of mindfulness at least once a day with a few learned techniques. If you can make a schedule of setting aside a special time for mindfulness, research says it will change the way you spend the rest of your day. You will find more ease entering into your day.

Dr. James E. Stahl and his research team at Harvard University did a study with volunteers for 8 weeks.The study was called the Mind Body Relaxation Program. In this program students learned many mind/body skills for relaxation and mindfulness. Dr. Stahl teaches these same skills to the patients in his practice. He believes that no one needs to enroll in any formal program, but that in 15 minutes a day, on a continual basis, these skills will come to us naturally.

Dr. Stahl presents a few ways in which you can add mindfulness to your everyday life:

Practice a 15 minute guided meditation at the end of your day. There are many videos online from which you can choose. Guided meditations, where a voice walks you through the meditation process, is great for beginners who have trouble controlling their random thoughts.

You can also find a lot of apps for guided meditations on your phone’s app store. This is a way for you to remember when it’s time for you to stop, relax, and be in the NOW for a few moments. They key here, like with all meditations, is consistency.

The Sun Salutation is a morning yoga ritual that is perfect for getting the day started in the right direction. There are also many videos and books out there that will teach you the sun salutation series of yoga moves in minutes.

Check in with yourself every couple of hours a day. Realize and experience truly what you are doing. Some people drive home from work and they never remember the actual drive. Before they know it, they are home. This is called functioning by rote memory. In the mindfulness world, this means that you are functioning as a robot and not paying attention to your actions.

Don’t become stressed over how you will do, this is just the opposite of mindfulness, to relieve daily stress. Instead, take it easy, choose the right method for yourself and make it something enjoyable for you. If you don’t make it enjoyable, you may not stick with it, and you must do that to receive all of the benefits mindfulness can bring.

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How to Prepare for Aging Alone

Lifestyle August 3, 2017

There is one thing we all have in common, and that is the fact that we will begin to age. If you are fortunate enough to have longevity, you may find yourself in your 80s and 90s with no spouse, no kids and without a caregiver. Aging experiences are as different as every person has lived a different life. Some will grow old and have to deal with a lot of major health problems, while others will still be thriving even in their 90s. So making a plan for that time in your life has a lot to do with how the rest of your early life played out. Were you active and social during middle age and older, or did you live life as a recluse because you found it hard to create friendships as an older adult? Our physical and mental health depends on more than just what we eat and how many prescription meds one has to take every day. Social activity, learning new things, and making new friends, plays a huge role in how well we live as we go through the aging process.

Below we offer you a simple but versatile guideline to aging alone:

1. Writing a Will

This may not be the most fun suggestion on this list, but it’s necessary, particularly if you are alone and have no one you trust enough to speak up for you and your desires when you are deceased. A will doesn’t need to be 20 pages long, if you don’t have 20 pages worth of requests. It is simply a legal statement that speaks for you once you are gone. A lawyer can assist you or nowadays the internet does a good job at helping you to write a clear and simple will. A living will, is not necessary but it’s good for any friends and family or doctors if they are all you have, to know if you want to live on life support or be allowed to pass away naturally without intervention.

2. Get Out and Be Social

It may be difficult at first but a social life can ease the loneliness that may arise once you get to a certain age. There usually comes a time when your friends have all passed away and you are looking for someone to go dancing with or simply enjoy a movie. There are many social clubs for the aging that will assist you in getting out there. They can introduce you to others your age who are still thriving as well and give you the opportunity to make some new friends.

3. Research Assisted Living Facilities

Some assisted living facilities are expensive and many have a bad reputation, but there are also many senior apartments, condos and communities, that are within most people’s budgets that offer a variety of entertainment, sports, and nighttime social activities like dance lessons and wine tastings. Assisted living facilities can offer two well-needed experiences; one, is a social environment, the other is access to a doctor or nurse if one is needed.

The best advice about aging alone is to not get into the habit of closing yourself off from others. It is best to stay in touch with the world as much as possible. Create your own family dynamics by meeting new people and find your solace in the fact that you have taken care of all the business that you need to organize, just in case you need to live where there is immediate help surrounding you.


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9 of the Weirdest Uses for Essential Oils

Lifestyle February 24, 2017

People of all cultures are getting into using essential oils in their everyday lives. Companies like, doTerra and Young Living have turned the essential oil business into an extremely popular way of life and career. We’ve also been taught many of the common ways in which essential oils can be used; diffusing into the air, on pulse points, some high quality oils can be put into food or taken on the tongue directly, and many essential oils, once diluted, can be rubbed onto the skin. However, it appears that as research on the uses and benefits of essential oils continues, other ways to use these oils keep popping up.

Here are some weird uses for essential oils that you’ve probably never heard of:

1. Add essential oils to your liquid soaps

Choose your favorite oils and add a couple of drops to your liquid soaps, in the kitchen or the bathroom. The oils will enhance the scent and promote better cleaning and germ removing powers.

2. Bring life back to your dish sponge

Especially the citrus oils like lemon, orange, and lime, are great for reviving your dish washing sponges. Just place a couple drops of the oil of your choice on the sponge and not only will you be adding another disinfectant to your dish washing, but your sponges will have new life.

3. Use essential oils to clean your fruit

Grapefruit essential oil is very effective for cleaning the wax from your fruit. This particular oil cuts through the wax and other chemicals that are sprayed on such fruits like apples and pears. Put some grapefruit essential oil in a spray bottle filled with water and spray your fruit and vegetables before eating.

4. Essential oils can erase permanent markers

For those who have kids, this is a miracle. Lemon essential oil will rid your counters, tables, floors and furniture from permanent marker ink. Just take a damp sponge with a small drop of lemon essential oil and it will bring your counter tops and furniture back to the way they were before your child decided to become an artist.

5. Clean the office whiteboard

Lemon essential oil is a must-have in an office. It can keep your wood desk looking and smelling clean and also remove that stubborn ink from your office whiteboard, even the permanent marker.

6. Neutralize paint odor

We all know how aggravating paint odor can be, especially around our children and pets. That chemical smell can stick around for days after painting. If you add just 10 ml to a gallon of paint, that chemical smell will dissipate and your fresh new paint will smell like peppermint, instead of gasoline.

7. Essential oils can keep vermin out of your kitchen cabinets

Peppermint essential oil can keep all sorts of vermin and insects out of your kitchen cabinets. Place a few drops anywhere in your kitchen and dining room area or anywhere food is stored.

8. Deodorize your shoes

Choose the oil you like the best and put a drop or two inside your shoes to keep them smelling fresh and to dispel any old lingering odors. Tea Tree oil or melaleuca, its official name, is the best to use for this purpose. You can put some on a cotton ball and leave it in your shoes overnight.

9. Keep your leather items from drying and cracking

Lemon essential oil pops up again as the best oil to clean your leather items. Place a few drops on a soft cloth and use it to wipe off your leather jackets, purses, gloves, and furniture. It will keep your leather clean and supple.

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Red Wine vs. White Wine; Which is Better?

Lifestyle February 17, 2017

Now that the Northern Hemisphere is preparing for summer, a lot of red wine drinkers will begin to switch over to white wines because they are often chilled, and many times lighter in alcohol. But some wine drinkers are die hard fans of either red or white and will never switch over. Is one better and healthier than the other? Let us take a look at both red wines and white ones and see if it truly makes a difference which one you pour this year.

What is Wine?

It seems like a silly question to address, but it’s not. Many people mistake a lot of fruit beverages with alcohol, for wine, but these drinks are only as labeled, “wine drinks” or “wine beverages”, because by alcohol laws, they cannot simply call these beverages wine. Wine is fermented grape juice only. It is that simple. The process can be as complicated as the winemaker would like it to be to bring out the complexity within the expressed grape juice, or the juice combined with the skins and the seeds of the grape.

The Difference Between Red and White Wine

Here is where you will begin to tell which wine is healthier in your opinion. All wines are made from the same basic process. Grapes are grown in a vineyard, tended to, and harvested at the right time of year. The grapes are pressed to express the juice, and then the grape juice is drained off of the seeds and skins, placed into fermentation tanks until the natural sugars turn into alcohol. The wine maker is the overseer of this process determining just how long the fermentation process should go on, which determines the level of alcohol; either 9% per volume or 13%, or anywhere in between or beyond those numbers.

The main difference between red and white wine is that, first of all, red wine is made from red wine grapes, such as, Cabernet Sauvignon or Merlot. White wine grapes are Chardonnay, Riesling, Pinot Grigio, etc. There are many more in each category. However, as the white wine is removed from the skins and seeds rather quickly, the red wines are allowed to sit and marinade on its seeds and skins, to gather color and tannins, which are natural compounds on the skins and within the seeds of all grapes. Resveratrol is another healthy plant compound found mostly on red wine grapes, so that red wine is not only picking up healthy tannins but also the healthy plant compound of resveratrol.

These two plant compounds, tannins and resveratrol have been proven to have a beneficial affect upon high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and weight control. Studies have also found that red wine drinkers tend to be more healthy overall than white wine or liquor drinkers, and that they also tend to be slimmer and more fit. But let’s not get confused, there is no scientific link to being fit and trim because of tannins or resveratrol. What researchers seem to think, is that red wine drinkers tend to make healthier life choices, such as exercising, spending more time at leisure and in nature, spending more quality time with family and friends. These are healthy choices that bring balance to your lifestyle. This is not to say that there aren’t white wine drinkers who do the same, but the combination of the healthy plant compounds found in red wine due to their marination process and good lifestyle choices, make for a fuller, healthier mind, body, and spirit.





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