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Health Benefits of Coconut Water and Oil

Food and Eating August 31, 2016


Is coconut water good for you? How good is it for you? A naturally refreshing, flavorful (sweet and nutty a bit) tasty drink that is easily digestible and has many of the bodies needed nutrients (5 of them).

1. Not fattening

2. Helps with complexion (topical application plus oral moisturizing)

3. Electrolyte replacement (helps if feeling sick)

4. Facilitates digestion (high in fiber)

5. Boosts hydration

6. Reduces blood pressure

7. Rich in nutrients (calcium, magnesium, phosphorous, potassium and sodium)

8. Compatible with human blood (isotonic to human plasma)

9. Reduces the occurrence of acid reflux.

Just don’t confuse healthy coconut water with high-fat coconut milk or oil. Coconut water is a clear liquid (the stuff in the middle of the coconut). Milk and oil are also healthy, but that’s a whole nother story.

As for coconut oil, the health benefits include:

1. Helps with Alzheimer’s (MCFAs) and helps improve memory in older people

2. Prevents heart disease and high blood pressure (like coconut water)

3. Protects the liver

4. Cures UTI and kidney infection

5. Reduces inflammation and arthritis

6. Prevents cancer (MCFAs plus digestion produces ketones)

7. Boosts immune system (the three antis: antibacterial, antifungal antiviral)

8. Improves digestion, helps with ulcers of the stomach and ulcerative colitis

9. Prevents gum disease and tooth decay (that’s why they recommend it as “tooth paste”

10. Prevents osteoporosis (antioxidants)

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