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5 Surprising Migraine Triggers

Health News October 19, 2017

Migraines cause a lot of suffering for many people plagued with this health issue. The amount and severity of migraines can differ from person to person but the suffering remains debilitating. Migraines are not your average headache. It isn’t even like your painful average headaches. Migraine sufferers are in a world of their own and unfortunately feel alone in their suffering at times. There are certain triggers for these terrible excruiating headaches and many are well-known. For some, it could be chocolate, for others wine. But there are some triggers that are lesser known and it may be helpful to know what these surprising triggers are.

1. Sleeping Late

It may sound strange but if your body is on a strict time clock and all of a sudden you change that schedule, a migraine can be triggered. Sometimes this is called the “weekend headache”, that many migraine sufferers get from sleeping in on the weekends. It is best to try to stick with the same schedule of waking up everyday, and if you are off from work or school, take a nap in the afternoon instead.

2. Sex or intense exercise

Yes, unfortunately, sex can be a migraine trigger, particularly if the sex is more active than usual. This is why intense exercise that you may not be used to, can also trigger a migraine. So what can we say. If it’s worth it to you, these two activities can cause migraine sufferers to have to take to the bed, and not for any fun.

3. Wine and Cheese

Another downer, is that two favorites for many people that are often enjoyed together, wine and cheese, both contain a compound call tyramine, naturally provided by nature. So the combo is one of the worst things a migraine sufferer can indulge in.

4. Perfume or Other Strong Scents

Migraine sufferers who are sensitive to strong scents are usually triggered by perfume, especially big bold scents like nighttime fragrances that are usually heavier. These same migraine sufferers are also usually triggered by loud or repetitive noises.

5. The Weather

The weather, particularly, sudden changes in the weather, can trigger a migraine. The barometric pressure which usually changes as the nighttime rolls in, is another trigger for migraine sufferers. Bright sunlight, heavy humidity, are also culprits.

The best thing you can do is to experiment and keep a log showing when your migraines start and end. This is a way to find out what your specific triggers may be. Once you find your specific triggers, you can more easily avoid migraine episodes.

Source: 5 Surprising Migraine Triggers Excedrin.com

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