6 Healthy Uses For Honey

Honey might add sweetness to your food, but raw honey, in particular, also keeps your body healthy and your skin glowing. Organic raw honey may be a little more pricey than your average store brand, but when you compare the health benefits and the many uses of high quality honey, the cost is insignificant.

Here are 6 healthy uses for honey that benefit your inner and outer health:

1. Honey helps heal cuts and burns

Most people would never think to use honey on minor cuts and burns, however, a jar of honey is a good thing for families to have around the house. Honey has antibacterial properties that assist in speeding up the recovery of minor skin ailments. Specific types of raw honey are being used in medical environments to help with burns, specifically, keeping infections away and also speeding up the process of recovery.

2. Can be used as a natural face cleanser

Honey is particularly great for cleansing your face when you are a makeup wearer. Oil is required to completely remove makeup, so honey is a perfect solution. Honey is also gentle enough for those who need to clean their skin thoroughly more than once a day, because it is naturally an antibacterial agent and is much easier on the skin than most soaps.

3. Honey is a healthy cough syrup

Many of us had mothers and grandmothers who trusted in honey for the worst colds. Honey soothes a sore throat and eases coughs due to the common cold. It can be used in teas, with lemon or fresh lemon juice, or plain water. To ease a cough, honey can be taken straight from the spoon, warmed, or at room temperature.

4. Make a great smelling honey shampoo

You may think honey is a strange product for washing your hair, but just a small amount of raw honey on your scalp, will keep your scalp and hair healthy, shiny, and silky feeling. You only need a small amount, so you can also add some water and place your honey and water mixture into a spray bottle. With honey, you have a shampoo and conditioner in one.

5. Homemade honey marshmallows

Store bought marshmallows are a combination of ingredients we can’t even pronounce. If you eat healthily, it’s a good idea to stay away from them. There are recipes that require that marshmallow taste and texture, or you may get that urge to put some in your cocoa. Honey is a main ingredient in natural marshmallows, and here is the simple recipe.

6. Honey as a sleep aid?

Yes, according to the Wellness Mama, a teaspoon of raw organic honey combined with a 1/2 tsp of salt, brings on an instant peaceful sleep. So why does this strange combination work? Our cortisol levels should spike during the day and slowly drop until bedtime, but this is in a perfect world, in which none of us live. Sometimes at night, for many of us, our cortisol levels are too high. The Wellness Mama’s Dr. Christianson, says that we ideally should be consuming carbs at night, because carbs will raise your insulin and lower cortisol levels. This is the reason behind the Wellness Mama’s honey trick on those sleepless nights.


: photo credit free from Unsplash