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6 Powerfully Natural Treatments for Indigestion

Health News September 12, 2017

Indigestion, is something that many people get on a regular basis. And for those who have had it at least once, they will know just how uncomfortable and painful it can be. For some, it is so severe that they think they are having an actual heart attack. Indigestion or dysepsia, as it is sometimes called, can be brought on by particular foods, such as, fatty foods, spicy foods, rich foods like pizza, or just plain old overeating of any foods.

Some people who suffer wth acid reflux or GERDS, tend to be more prone to getting indigestion more frequently and more severly than the average person. Stomach ulcers, stress, anxiety, and irritable bowel syndrom, can also bring on indigestion more frequently. So what can we do about this uncomfortable and painful illness. There are some natural ways to help prevent and soothe common indigestion.

1. Apple Cider Vinegar

This may sound strange since vinegars are high in acid, but raw apple cider vinegar can help to maintain a healthy gut and balance the acids already within the stomach. A tablespoon of raw apple cider in a cup of water taken two- three times a day can help to prevent indigestion and soothe indigestion already occuring.

2. Fennel Seeds

Fennel seeds are a part of the parsley family and extremely helpful for indigestion. They have natural compounds within them that soothe the colon. You can make a tea from the seeds or purchase fennel tea already prepared. You can also put fennel seeds on your food, like salads, and in your trailmix for a helpful solution to indigestion.

3. Ginger

Ginger is known to stimulate the digestive juices and allow the enzymes to flow more smoothly through the digestive track. Ginger is well known for curing an upset stomach as well. You can buy fresh ginger, it’s very economical and you can make a tea from it with ginger and honey to help soothe your symptoms.

4. Baking Soda

Baking soda is a natural alternative to expensive antiacids and works just as well for an indigestion attack. Baking soda helps to reduce the stomach acid. A half of a teaspoon to a glass of water will help ease the uncomfortability of overeating.

5. Herbal  Teas

One of the simplest and easiest natural remedies for indigestion and GERDS symptoms is an herbal tea. Many herbs will help to soothe the stomach and ease the pain that fatty foods and/or overeating can bring. Teas like chamomile, licorice, slippery elm, and peppermint are the most effective.

6. Cumin

Most of you will recognize cumin as a spice we often use in chile dishes, however it is also a digestive aid. It can be added into a glass of water or taken directly from a spoon of roasted seeds of cumin. If your discomfort came from overeating, mix a quarter teaspoon of cumin powder into a glass of water, or use the leaf of the cumin, called coriander, to get rid of that burning and bloating feeling.



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