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Blood Cancer: What is it?

Health News January 3, 2017

Though all cancer is difficult to speak about, it is wise to know as much as you can about issues that can affect your health in a chronic way. There are a huge variety of cancers, however blood cancer appears to be rare, because we don’t hear much about it or its symptoms.

What is Blood Cancer?

Leukemia is what most people know as blood cancer cells. This type of cancer begins in the bone marrow, where soft tissue lives. Normally, Leukemia is found in white blood cells but it can grow in other cell types as well. There are a large multitude of causes of Leukemia, but some are still a mystery. One cause of genetic disorders, such as Down Syndrome, may put people at a higher risk of getting the disease.

Other Causes of Leukemia:

Chemical exposures

The use of tobacco products

Various viral infections

Chronic Osteoarthritis

General family history

Some of the symptoms are: 

Bloating  and pain on the left side of the abdomen

Frequent bleeding from the gums

Frequent bleeding from the rectum or unusually heavy menstrual cycles

Fevers and night sweats

These are just a few of the causes and symptoms of Leukemia. Should you feel that something is wrong due to experiencing pain in the body or frequent discomfort, check in with your family physician for a full physical. Certain symptoms like, swollen lymph nodes, are not painful, so this is one of the symptoms that can be easily dismissed.

When Leukemia is diagnosed early, the chances of survival are much greater. Chances of recovery can be extremely different from one patient to the next, depending on what stage of Leukemia the patient is experiencing. Cancer healer therapy has worked for some patients, however, if you are under a physician’s care, let them know exactly what other types of treatment you are undergoing. This is the safest way to experience natural healing. You would not want prescription medications interacting with natural healing practices unless the healer and medical physician know exactly what you are taking, as far as treatment and meds.

photo credit: Medical News Today



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