Juice Found Better Than Lipitor Drug For Managing Cholesterol Level

This Juice Found Better Than Lipitor Drug For Managing Cholesterol Level!

High cholesterol plagues many people today and can cause serious problems during the aging process, if not treated properly. Lipitor is one of the most well-known prescription medications on the Big Pharma market at present, but what if there was a natural way to treat high cholesterol that was better than Lipitor? A group of small studies suggests that pomegranate juice may just be nature’s miracle treatment.

These studies also show that pomegranate juice may be able to stop the build-up within the artery walls of those who already have a high risk of heart disease. The studies go on to boldly state that pomegranate juice may work better than Lipitor at managing cholesterol levels. Nitric Oxide is a major force that assists in the repairing of cells that line the arterial walls. Pomegranate appears to support Nitric Oxide so that it actually does its job at a higher level than it does without this natural support. Though most fruit juices have their share of antioxidants, pomegranate juice has even higher amounts of the heart disease fighting agents and because of this can lower bad cholesterol or what is technically called, LDL levels.

If you choose to go the natural route by treating your cholesterol levels with pomegranate juice, make sure to read your labels before purchasing. The pomegranate juice of choice should be pure, not mixed with any other fruit juice or added sugar. Added sugars only defeat the purpose of why you are using pomegranate, and that reason is for the health of your heart and for lower bad cholesterol levels.

Of course, you can also choose to eat the pomegranate seeds and receive the same health benefits. Consuming the juice is simply easier and more convenient. Here are a few facts about the nutritional values of pomegranate seeds per 1 cup:

Calories: 144
Fat: 2g or 4% of DV (Your daily recommended amounts)
Protein: 2g
Fiber: 6g/ 28% of DV
Vitamin C: 18g/ 30% of DV
Vitamin K: 28mcg/ 36% of DV
Vitamin E: 1mg/ 6% of DV
Folate: 66mcg/ 16% of DV