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Understanding Your Lupus Symptoms

Health News November 18, 2017

Lupus is still a mysterious disease. More is known now than a couple of decades ago, but there are still signs and symptoms of Lupus that are hard to either identify or understand. Lupus symptoms are widespread and are able to affect any and multiple organs within the body. This disease is unpredictable because you never know when symptoms will flare up or the length of those flare ups. This stress is often very difficult for Lupus patients and only adds to the harshness of those symptoms. Stress may not only cause a flare up but cause them to last longer than usual.

This is why it is crucial that Lupus patients keep track of thier flare ups, symptoms, when they happen and how long they last. This information is extremely helpful to the physician that is treating the Lupus patient. There may be a pattern that can be found from keeping records that makes it easier for Lupus symptoms to be treated or prevented.

These are some of the most common Lupus symptoms, but certainly not the complete list.

Fatigue that is of an extreme nature and is not helped by getting lots of rest.

Stiffness and swelling in various joints. You will usually know it is a Lupus symptom because the discomfort will affect multiple joints, not just one set of joints.

Muscle pains that won’t go away with over-the-counter or prescription drugs.

Hair loss is another well known sign of Lupus. It does not affect every Lupus patient but it does affect many suffering from this mysterious disease.

Sores in the nose and mouth that are surprisingly painless. Notify your doctor right away.

Fevers over 100F are very common among Lupus patients. If you have no other symptoms, such as the flu or a bad cold, check with your doctor asap.

Skin rashes can occur, particularly after spending too much time in the sun. If this is a common thing that happens to you, it is still wise to visit your physician if it happens too often.

There are Lupus sites on the internet that will assist you in tracking your disease and explaining your symptoms in more depth. The most important thing is that you contact your doctor if you are experiencing any of these symptoms on a regular basis, whether you are already diagnosed or wondering if you do have Lupus.

Source: Confused By Your Lupus Symptoms?

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