2017 Holiday Beauty Tips


The holidays are here. And there is no time like the present when everyone desires to look and feel their best. Beauty companies come out with beauty palettes just for the holiday season; from lips to eye make-up, it’s all there for the choosing. Of course reds and greens, even in lip colors, are all the rage but there are a lot of pinks and purples as well as navy blue, being the color of the year among the millenial generation.

Here are a few holiday beauty tips to get you through this festive and colorful season.


Sparkles are everywhere, even on the lips. Enjoy the new lip color toppers that add a bit of pizzazz to your basic lip color. Not only do these lip toppers add shine and glitter but they help your lip color to stay in place longer.

Relaxed Hair

The fashionistas are going for loose hairstyles this year. Uneven Bobs are popular and the loose and relaxed bun are all relaxed hairstyles for the millenials this year. No tight buns or hair that doesn’t move. Everyone is going for that disheveled look on purpose for the holiday party.

Nails are Everything

Yes, nail color and holiday designs are everything this year. From peppermint covered cartoon nails to classy red and gold glitter. Everyone is playing the nail game this season with holiday decals and brilliant hues, nails are the talk of the town this holiday season.

Metallic Dresses

Instead of the traditional reds and greens, dresses have gone metallic into gold, silver, copper, and bronze. The futuristic look is in for party-goers who want to catch the attention of everyone. The shine is everything these days, so put on your sling back heels and shimmery copper dress to be in style in 2017.

Bare Legs

Ladies make sure you are shaven and shining this 2017-2018 holiday season. Bare legs are in even in the coldest of weather. All you need to do is make it to the car, then into the party venue, so don’t worry about being too cold. Good skin is in and we advise you to get a good exfoliator and make those legs look brilliant for the office party.

The Top Hat

Singer/Writer Erykah Badu has brought back the top hat and ladies everywhere are attempting to rock the classic black top hat with stylish pantsuits. This gives women the opportunity to skip the little shiny dress this season and jump into the tailored look of a Donna Karan classic pantsuit. At least those bare legs will be kept warm throughout the night.