7 Natural and Organic Makeup Brands Your Face Will Love


There are more makeup brands now than ever. From high-end brands to your drugstore brands, that have gotten a whole lot better and much safer. So for a makeup lover, it can be difficult to choose which foundation or lipstick brand to purchase on a regular basis, and particularly, for someone who cares about the environment and the health of their skin.

We have created a list of 7 makeup brands that are both natural and organic from which a discriminating makeup lover can choose.

1. Herbivore Botanicals

This company is natural and organic and creates products for the entire face. They are also ec0-friendly and cruelty-free. Prices range from $12 – $145 dollars for the deluxe skincare set.

2. Ilia Beauty

Ilia Beauty is natural and organic, as well as eco-friendly and cruelty-free. They are best for purchasing lip products like lip conditioners and lipsticks. Their price range is from $24 – $42 for foundation products. Ilia produces high-quality makeup by working with organic farmers all around the globe.

3. RMS Beauty

RMS Beauty is all natural and organic, along with also being cruelty-free and non-gmo. This company uses recycled glass to make their containers. They are best for foundations and concealers for light skin-tones. The products are made to focus on hydrating the skin for a younger, more illuminating look. Prices range from $15 for lip color to $36.oo for foundations and concealers.

4. Elate Cosmetics

Besides having a great name, Elate Cosmetics is natural and organic, eco-friendly and cruelty free. The company is best known for highly pigmented eye shadows. If you have any allergies, you will be glad to know that Elate is gluten-free and vegan. With a focus on sustainable packaging and highest quality ingredients, Elate’s prices range from $16 – $20, from eye shadows to bronzers.

5. Au Naturale

The name says everything. Au Naturale is organic and all natural, vegan, cruelty-free, and gluten-free. Despite its French sounding name, Au Naturale is made in the U.S. in Green Bay, Wisconsin, and all ingredients are ethically sourced. Their prices range from $15-$38 for foundations.

6. Tata Harper

Tata Harper is both natural and organic, eco-friendly, and certified vegetarian. Their focus in on using recycled products to make their packaging and containers. So there is no waste at Tata Harper. Though this brand is one of our priciest on the list, you are being served some of the most high quality ingredients while still helping the planet. Tata Harper’s prices range from $36 for lip colors – $390 for skincare.

7. Beauty by Earth

Beauty by Earth is natural and organic, eco-friendly by using recycled materials, U.S. made. They are also vegan and gluten-free for those with allergies or sensitivities. They specialize in bath products and tanning oils. Beauty by Earth’s prices range from $6 – $24, the most economical and popular items are their bath bombs.

Photo courtesy of The Good Trade

Source: The Good Trade 18 Natural and Organic Makeup Companies