Beauty Trends to Try This Year


So many people were quick to say good-bye to 2016. Let’s face it, it was a really tough year. But now we are half-way through 2017 already and make-up companies have stepped up their game, providing us with all sorts of themes, from mermaids to unicorns, to all natural green products. Many are not so sure that the mermaid look or the unicorn inspiration is for them, however, they are choices, among an array of choices, offered to the consumer today. If you’re not a mermaid or unicorn person, there are still many trends this year that are must-trys. Here are just a few.

The thing about crazy trends like the mermaid and the unicorn, is that you can tone it all down and simplify the look, using the best parts of a look that compliments your own beauty. Maybe we can just do lips, eyes, some glow on the cheeks, but not go overboard by doing the entire look. Here are some examples

Mermaid Eyes

How about just playing around with your eye makeup look for that fresh, right out the ocean, mermaid eye look? The designers like Marc Jacobs call it the “dreamier take on the dark smoky eye look”.

The Belted Ponytail

Is there a belt that you own that just isn’t you anymore, or dare we say, maybe it doesn’t fit anymore? Use it to tie up your ponytail. Yes, this is the latest trend, jacket belts, leather belts, used as ponytail holders. Strange maybe, but it’s the new popular trend, so you have to try it at least once this year.

Hair and More Hair

It is not just models anymore who wear hair pieces. The average woman is now getting into the act big time. As we hearken back to the long hippy style hair of legend Joni Mitchell, we are beginning to see women walking the streets of NYC with long attachments added to their hair. It’a a great reminder of the 60’s, minus the turmoil.

Arts and Crafts Nails

Nails are fun to play with and now more than ever, women are using their nails as a canvas for their artistic ideas. From 3D rhinestones to replicas of shoes, cocktails, and diamonds, nails are the star of the beauty show this year. And let’s not forget about the still popular stiletto nail, it’s either one of the most popular beauty trends of the last couple of years or a weapon. The jury is still out on that one.