Consciousness on the Runway


The Paris and NYC runways are not known for spiritual messages or messages for the soul, however, this year’s runways sent a powerful message from designers and creators alike that was meant to help change the hearts and minds of the participants and the viewers. The main message that came through was feminism and inclusivity, and certainly the runways are not known for that, previously, but times are changing and all different types of models are becoming a part of this industry and as well the varying types of people choosing to be designers. Designers now want to express how they feel about the world and particularly, this world of fashion and glamour.

If you’ve never heard the new hip phrase, “get woke” or “stay woke”, it won’t stand up in any proper English class but both terms are filled with meaning. They both are encouraging consciousness and acceptance. And acceptance is a bit deeper than tolerance. Tolerance means, “hey you’re here, I have to deal with you cordially”, while acceptance means “I’m glad that you are here and I can learn from our differences”. And on the fashion runways, it also means, I think you’re beautiful even though you don’t look like me.

Women of all ages and sizes and cultures are covering the runways this year and there is even Simone Rocha, who has been casting models who are in their 70’s. Micheal Kors, designer extraordinaire, cast plus-sized model, Ashley Graham to walk in one of his shows. Kors and Graham made history because she was the first plus-sized model in a high-fashion Kors show. Normally, plus-sized models have to “stay in their lane” and work the smaller shows, showcasing only plus-sized clothing.

Halima Aden, a muslim model, walked the runways this year wearing a traditional hajib. Aden walked the runways in New York and Milan, two of the biggest and most watched runways of any season. The world was watching, as “the world” was much more accurately and beautifully displayed on the runways in 2017. Transgender women are also being encouraged to hit the fashion scene and are able to fully be themselves and that is what the saying, “get woke, stay woke” really embodies. Makeup artist for Prada, Pat McGrath made a bold statement by saying that even the way she uses makeup is now different. It is not being used to please anyone but used instead to make a statement, and as a form of self-expression.

Source: Woke AF Allure Magazine