Natural Beauty Trends in 2017


As many people begin to want to live a more green life, that not only includes food and health but also beauty. Simply because you care about your health and the health of the environment doesn’t mean that you don’t care about looking good on the outside. Natural beauty trends are becoming more popular among those who don’t even consider themselves naturalists. Many people just don’t want to deal with all of the chemicals that often come with buying beauty products, and all the chemicals that we previously put on our skin, without thinking about it. In 2017, the trends that are coming forth, that will surely be going strong in 2018, are diverse and interesting.

Let us take a look at some of those trends and maybe there will be some you will choose to adopt into your daily life.


The craft beer industry surprisingly, has inspired the trend of product-to-customer authenticity, meaning that craft beer customers are told about every ingredient of the beer they consume, if they want to know. All of the ingredients will be listed on the bottle or on the website or both, so customers know what they’re drinking. Beauty customers are picking up on this trend and also want to be given that same opportunity and authenticity, so that they can know what ingredients are in the products they purchase. Consumers want transparency and many companies are giving them just that.

Gut and Skin Health Intertwine

Gut health has become a popular health subject. The quality of the health of our guts often determine our overall health. Researchers are now finding that your gut health,often enhanced by probiotics, also affect your skin health. The healthier your gut, the healthier your skin appears to be. So many beauty gurus are focusing on overall body and gut health and balance, to ensure that they will develop beautiful skin. Customers are seeking beauty products that enhance their skin in a more natural way, from the inside out. Beauty companies are responding positively to these requests from customers and providing them with simpler products that don’t destroy the natural oils in the skin and offer vitamins and minerals for the skin, as well as the quality of beauty products people are looking for.

Many beauty product buyers are working from the inside out when it comes to their skin health. They are truly searching for that natural glow that comes with having good health. Customers are reading ingredients and questioning the ingredients they don’t understand. Most companies are responding and also changing their product recipes to ensure that customers are getting the natural products they crave. So beauty trends are blending with health trends and those who live a green life can adorn themselves with beauty products that they know well and have chosen, because they will not harm their skin or their health. These are great trends coming up this year and we predict that this trend of authenticity, when it comes to ingredients, will only get more popular in 2018.