10 Best Foods for Crohns Disease

10 Best Foods for Crohns Disease

One of the most notorious inflammatory bowel diseases is Crohn’s disease. Actually, this chronic inflammatory condition affects the gastrointestinal tract from the mouth to anus. Furthermore, the end of the small bowel or the ileum, as well as the beginning of the colon is affected by this ailment.

You can lessen the symptoms of Crohn’s disease by eating different foods. While some foods cannot guarantee immediate healing; they can help you maintain good health while alleviating the symptoms. Here are some of the digestion-friendly foods that may help when you have Crohn’s disease.

Almond Milk- Most people with Crohn’s disease are lactose intolerant. However, there is nothing to worry about as there is a dairy alternative for it, namely, almond milk. It is rich in vitamins D and E and has fewer calories that cow’s milk. Opting for an unsweetened product will cut 20 calories per serving. Also, it’s good to know that it has no saturated fat and cholesterol.

Eggs- make sure that you have eggs stored in your fridge. You can do many things with them, be it scrambled, soft-cooked, or hard-boiled. They are also a good source of protein.

Oatmeal- This has soluble fiber. It is responsible for absorbing water and passing it slowly through the digestive tract. If you have Crohn’s, then this is the perfect comfort food.

Vegetable Soups- Pureed vegetables such as butternut, pumpkins, parsnips, carrots, and squash make good choices.

Salmon- Protein is key to healing, which means that twenty percent of the calories you consume should come from it. Fish that is high in omega-3s is a good example of that. White fish like tilapia or shrimp are also good options. You can steam, grill or broil these foods.

Papaya- This fruit has an enzyme called papain for easy digestion of protein. Papaya is also rich in Vitamin A and C, potassium, and folate. Like mangos, papayas are also high in nutrients.

Pureed Beans- You may think that beans can only aggravate your digestive problem. However, pureed chickpeas and lentils are excellent sources of protein and other nutrients.

Poultry- Anyone with IBD can consider turkey and chicken as good choices. They are rich in protein and easy to digest.

Avocado- This fruit has a high soluble fiber content. Furthermore, it is rich in vitamins E, A, and potassium, making it perfect for people with Crohon’s disease.

Butter Lettuce- When you have Crohon’s disease, it doesn’t mean you should stop eating salad. You can still eat it with no problems. A salad made from butter lettuce is a good option. This is perfect as long as you have no diarrhea. This salad is digestible and more tender than any other green salad.

Other foods include roasted red peppers, rice, and smooth nut butters. However, keep in mind that each individual is different; thus, it is best to do a trial and error to find out which food or foods are best for you.