10 reasons why avocado is the worlds most perfect food

10 reasons why avocado is the worlds most perfect food

Avocado is said to have originated in Mexico and the Northern Americas, albeit it is now commercially available almost on any part of the earth. This delicious fruit should be a regular on everyone’s fruit tray. There are numerous benefits you can get from an avocado, and we will list ten reasons why this is a perfect food.

1. Good fats – Avocados contain a lot of fats, that is no mistake. However it contains monounsaturated fat which means it’s a good fat to help lower you cholesterol. That being said, it should always be taken in moderation.

2. Contains Folate – Folate is important for cell repair, especially for pregnant moms.

3. Contains Phytochemicals – This again is good for expectant women, as they in effect natural chemicals that our body needs. Every fruit has different phytochemical properties, so eating different fruits will also provide you with different benefits.

4. Nutrient rich – Avocado is super nutrient rich, offering nearly twenty vitamins and minerals. It is a good source of Potassium, Vitamin B, C and E.

5. It is a Perfect First Food – Because babies needs lots of nutrients, which avocados contain, it is a perfect candidate for your baby’s first food. Also because of its soft texture you should not encounter any problem feeding this to your baby.

6. Protects against skin aging – We mentioned that this is good for babies, and mothers should be glad that this fruit also contains anti aging properties. That is another reason to stock up on this fruit.

7. Has Anti-inflammatory properties – Inflammation is being tagged in Alzheimer’s disease, heart attack, diabetes and other nasty human illnesses.

8. Cancer Fighting Properties- Avocado, because of its richness in nutrients and its anti-inflammatory properties, it’s been found that it kills cancer cells according to research.

9. Can be an ingredient for almost any recipe – Not only is this fruit delicious, it can be an addition to almost recipe, and its yummy flavor adds a twist to your cuisine.

10. Perfect for diet – Because of the presence of good fats, its healthy and that pairing it with your favorite diet food, is perfect. Its mouth watering flavor and nutrient rich properties are all the reasons to have this in your diet food.

There are a myriad more benefits of this magnificent fruit, challenge yourself and find out more and discover that during the process, you will find yourself fit and happy.