5 Problems That Bananas Solves Better Than Pills


Bananas are a delicious fruit that we eat on our breakfast cereal or as a snack. They grow freely on trees mostly in tropical regions and are priced as cheaply as any produce in the grocery store. Best of all, they’re a great source of nutrition for everyone.

Bananas also are useful to target specific health issues. What is known about them is that they’re wonderful sources of fiber, have many vitamins, and contain both magnesium and potassium. These last two minerals are critical to have in our diets, as they help with our muscle control and blood sugar levels.

These are stress, high blood pressure, depression, PMS and flatulence. It’s advisable before you go get a script from your GP and buy a bunch of brand-name pills to explore the potential of bananas. This is a food that has 3 types of sugar and a lot of fiber. In this way not only will you be saving yourself some money, but you’ll also be eating one of the most delicious foods available.

Stress is decreased because bananas contain a lot of potassium. This gets oxygen to the brain, normalizes heart beat and regulates water in the body.

Sodium also helps with high BP. You might want to eat a banana in the morning to even things out with the sodium circulating in your body.

Like turkey, bananas have tryptophan that increases serotonin. You can boost your serotonin with just one banana daily.

The vitamin B6 in bananas helps with blood glucose levels. Apparently, bananas can reduce chest and abdominal pain and help with mood fluctuations and water retention.

The pectin in a banana aids digestion and helps with the removal of toxins and metals. They stimulate the intestine. Bananas are also a natural laxative.

So before going to the doctor if you’re suffering from any of these ailments, go to the store instead and pick up some tasty bananas. Both your body and your pocketbook will thank you.