5 Weight Loss Quick Fixes that Don’t Work


Weight loss is a huge issue no matter how you choose to tackle the problem. People also have weight loss issues for many different reasons. So there is no one -way to lose weight. Often a physician needs to be involved to see if there are any underlying health problems causing the weight gain or making the weight hard to lose. Many people still turn to quick fixes to help them rid themselves of the extra pounds because, let’s face it, it’s much easier to think that with a vitamin, a liquid fast, a few changes here and there, that the weight will quickly fall off.

But we must be aware of quick fixes, many of them can cost a lot of money, be unhealthy, and still fall down on the job. Standard weight loss usually happens successfully when we burn more calories than we consume. It is that simple, or difficult, depending on how you see it. Here are 5 weight loss quick fixes that we know don’t work. 

1. Liquid Diets

Very popular for decades, is the liquid diet. There are many different kinds of liquid diets created and sponsored by various doctors and weight loss gurus, but do they work? If you are faithful to what is really a “food fast”, and stick to your liquid regimen for the suggested amount of time, you will most likely lose weight, however, for most liquid dieters, the weight eases itself back on with a few extra pounds to get rid of the next time. The problem is that no one can stick with the extremely low calorie count that is required with a liquid diet. As soon as they begin to eat, even somewhat normally, the body cannot adjust and begins to gain weight.

2. Cleansing and Detoxing

There are many cleansing and detoxing products on the market today and most people try a few before they give them up completely. So why wouldn’t a good detox help you lose weight? Well, cleanses and detoxes do generate weight loss, quickly, but water is usually what is lost, not fat. Most people don’t know how much water we carry around on a daily basis, but once you begin a detox program, the first and easiest pounds to lose, is water weight. Once again, when you stop cleansing and detoxing, the weight begins to come back on once you go back to your regular way of eating.

3. Fat Burner Pills

The majority of fat burner pills work by using caffeine and caffeine definitely boosts the metabolism but no more so than drinking a few cups of coffee a day or diet cola. The pills are really unnecessary because there are many ways to consume caffeine. However, many of these products are linked to illnesses, irregular metabolism issues, plus liver damage. You end up burned out, unhealthy, and with your weight bouncing up and down.

4. Eating One Food Only

First of all, let us say that it is never healthy to consume one food only, all day, everyday. You cannot get all the vitamins and minerals you need from all the foods we normally eat in three meals a day, let alone eating only one food. This approach is unhealthy and cannot be maintained. Eventually after you’ve lost a few pounds you’re going to want to eat something else. Your body will begin to crave the normal variety of foods it should be eating and the weight will begin to come back. This just doesn’t work realistically.

5. Crash Diets

For the same reasons the other diets in this article don’t work, fad and crash dieting will allow you to lose some pounds quickly, however the weight will not stay off. No one can eat the same foods every day without eventually getting bored or having terrible cravings that they cannot resist. Crash diets usually last for a short period, like six weeks, and then after that they never have any healthy suggestions for the dieter to follow. Therefore the dieter begins eating the same way he or she ate before the crash diet, and then the pounds begin to creep back on, sometimes even more pounds than you lost previously.