Coffee Maker Alarm Clock: Barisier


Coffee. That one word is perhaps all that needs to be said. Anyone who wakes up before they want to or who does tasks that are not overwhelmingly psychologically stimulating may feel they need coffee. And many of us enjoy coffee for a ton of reasons.

Now we have instant coffee packs in addition to coffee machines (and the frying pan which still works! and makes great tasting cowboy coffee).

But a new entry into coffee makers is set for the market: the Barisier, a designer alarm clock in high-end materials, waking you with freshly brewed coffee or tea.

According to the company:

“In order to achieve your dreams, you must wake up. The Barisieur is here to help you. These days we are constantly surrounded by screens and artificial light, especially before going to bed. The Barisieur encourages a ritual before going to bed, so you can plug your charge your phone/ tablet and prepare for the next important day. The Barisieur eases you into the morning, getting you up earlier then you thought you could! Ready to seize the day!”

These things will not be cheap though, and they don’t come with a maid to pick up coffee grounds that are spilt in groggy lethargy ­čÖé Approx cost will be over $400.

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