How to Cut Back On Your Salt Intake Without Hating Your Food


Salt, this white seasoning used to be so coveted it was used for trade in ancient times. Today, salt is still a popular seasoning and not only because it tastes good to those crave it, but it really does work to bring out the flavors in food. Though salt has its good points, it is also the culprit for many people who suffer from hypertension high blood pressure and can cause the body to hold on to excess water. Many doctors suggest that we cut down on our salt intake for better health and this can be difficult for many cultures in which salt is a staple. Totally cutting out salt altogether is highly difficult for many, so what can you do to cut back on your salt intake without hating the taste of your food?

Here are a few suggestions:

1. Start cutting back slowly

You need to pay attention to how much salt you are putting on your food and when you see how much it is, cut back a little each day with every meal. Don’t try to go “cold turkey” as they say. You will only sabotage yourself and end up quitting your new health regime.

2. Place a measurement on how much salt you can eat each day

As you make your meals, limit yourself to a certain amount of salt for the total day and don’t go over that limit. In a short while, you will find that your taste buds will begin to adjust. You will begin to taste all the other flavors in your food.

3. Use lemon juice and fresh Parmesan cheese

Yes, both fresh lemon juice and fresh good quality Parmesan cheese can take the place of salt in your diet. Both food items also enhance flavor, which is really what everyone loves about salt but they just aren’t aware of it.

4. If you go out to eat, ask for some salt on the side

If the salt is on the side, you can clearly see how much you are eating. If you are in a restaurant where often they use quite a lot of salt for flavor, ask that your meal be made without salt if possible. Then you can add your own at the table.

5. Become a mustard lover

Try to skip the ketchup whenever you can. Most commercial brand ketchups contain a lot of sodium, whereas mustard is just as flavorful and contains a lot less sodium. When it comes to french fries, dip them in salad dressing. It really does add great flavor and helps you stay away from the salt shaker.

6. Make your own meals

The best thing to do is to make your own meals. Some people are addicted to takeout. It’s easy and quick but can also be unhealthy if you eat too much takeout. When you make your own food, you know what’s in it and what’s not. You can more easily track your sodium intake and control your health.