How to Grow Cucamelons


Those of us who reside in North America aren’t often aware of the incredibly variety of fruits and vegetables grown all over the world. Recently, however, a Central American fruit has been making waves for its unique look and delicious flavor – the cucamelon. It’s a tiny fruit that resembles a watermelon, but actually tastes like a cross between a lime and a cucumber. It’s incredibly refreshing after a long day in the sun, and can be used in recipes for food and drinks.

Growing your own cucamelon requires knowledge regarding the environment it is regularly grown in, meaning plenty of sun over a span of three months. If you live in a humid places with long summers, it might be relatively easy to grow them, but if you’re in New England or the Pacific Northwest, you may have to invest in a sunlamp.

You can order the seeds online (prices vary), but be aware that they are slow starters, and that they will also need some kind of frame to grow on (the cucamelon is a vine fruit), and they do require a small amount of pruning.

If you’d like a step by step guide to producing your own cucamelon crop, Gardening Soul has a good introductory article on the subject.