Simple Boondocking Recipes


If you’re not familiar with the term ‘boondocking’, you’re not alone. It’s a niche word used by those who inhabit the world of RV travel. Put simply, ‘boondocking’ is when you camp in an RV without using any outside amenities, such as utilies and water. It’s often used by those who wish to remain ‘off the grid’ or by people who are working to go green and minimize their carbon footprint.

One of the challenges of ‘boondocking’, of course, is cooking. Since you aren’t using electricity and gas and you have to collect your own water, it takes a little more preparation than simply zapping a freezer meal in the microwave. Of course, you can also go raw, but every now and again a hot meal tastes mighty nice.

GoRVing has a few ideas about how to prep a simple, easy meals on the go without major appliances. The Chicken Fajita Pasta recipe, for instance, requires a propane stove and a pot. The night before you decide to ‘boondock’, prepare the meal by putting the ingredients in plastic bags for easy measuring and adding to the pot. Neither of the chicken or pasta has to be precooked. Once you’re ready to make dinner, cook the chicken, then the veggies, and then boil the pasta. Add the veggies and chicken back in and simmer until dinnertime.  Of course, you could also make this meal in a crockpot if you have the use of a generator. For more helpful recipes (whether you’re ‘boondocking’ or camping in a tent), you can visit the GoRVing blog.