10 Things Only a Pregnant Woman Would Understand

10 Things Only a Pregnant Woman Would Understand

Being pregnant is not easy as you experience strange feelings such as morning sickness, insomnia, an ever-growing belly, and the long, agonizing wait of labor. However, it’s all worth the wait! Here are the 10 things only women that have experienced enduring the nine-month journey of pregnancy would understand.

1. What it feels like to be completely terrified and excited at the same time: as the woman has just discovered that she is bearing a child into her womb. Excitement is present yet she’s also terrified, especially when it’s her first time to conceive.

2. Morning sickness that lasts. This is one of the critical stages of pregnancy where the pregnant woman keeps on vomiting every morning or any time she feels nausea.

3. That panty liners aren’t just for periods. Usually, girls begin to use them when they are having their monthly periods. But, women who are pregnant for the first time discover that they have to use it even without their periods during pregnancy.

4. What Dolly Parton must feel like. When women are pregnant, their breasts become soft and tender as the mammary gland develops milk making women’s breast feel slightly heavy.

5. The awesomeness that is the ability to grow a human being. In this stage where an upcoming mother feels the heartbeat of her child inside her womb she realizes how amazing it is to bear a child for nine months.

6. Being willing to allow the worst pain of your life so that the baby comes. Monitoring how many days it will take for you to deliver a child lets you feel mixed emotions. Excitement, being tense, worried if you can handle the worst pain of your life, among others.

7. How you can be hot when there is ice dripping from the air conditioner. A pregnant women feels weird sometimes. Usually, they feel hot even if there is an electric fan and an air-conditioner present in front of her or where she keep on using a manual fan despite of activating these cooling appliances.

8. What it is like to have to urinate every 15 minutes, sometimes all night long. This may sound weird but it really happens especially when you as a pregnant woman approach your fourth trimester and are waiting for you to deliver your little one.

9. Crying because the fast food worker got your order wrong. This is the weirdest part of pregnancy because most pregnant women crave for something to eat in the middle of the night, that her husband needs to find and get unseasoned fruits elsewhere. This is the conception stage. And she feels bad or sulky if you do not do what she wants you to do in favor of her.

10. What it feels like to be punched in the stomach from the inside. It really hurts when you feel this because it usually hits you in a most unexpected time.

However awful some of these may sound, bearing a child is one of the most wonderful experiences that a mother could have in her entire life.

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