10 Things Only Someone With a Gluten Sensitivity Would Understand

10 Things Only Someone With a Gluten Sensitivity Would Understand

Gluten sensitive individuals have to deal with related disorders triggered by gluten. These include celiac disease and non-celiac gluten sensitivity. Common symptoms include headaches, migraines, bloating, gut anxiety or stomach pain, diarrhea, constipation, muscular disturbances, severe acne, low energy, and bone and joint pain.

Whether you have celiac or non-celiac gluten sensitivity, common encounters with friends can be uncomfortable for them. Take a look at the following:

1. When your circle of friends is enjoying exciting food options that are scrumptious gluten-packed dishes, you would want to excuse yourself that you need gluten-free dishes. And while your friends are thrilled to try new meals offered in a famous diner, you are feeling uneasy and you have to tell them that you can only take gluten-free meals.

2. When you are in a party, everyone is going around the serving table and taking big slices of creamy cake and tasting every food variant, you are embarrassed of being asked why gluten is bad for you and what really happens if you eat gluten.

3. When it’s already annoying for the waiter and chef to reassure you that the food that you order is gluten-free.

4. When you are shopping for your grocery items in the supermarket. You need to read the labels twice before making a purchase.

5. When you are offered a hot, cheesy pizza and you need to say “No, thanks, not for me.” You don’t want to beg off but it’s not worth eating it when you need to stay on bed for a week.

6. When you are looking for desserts at the fridge and your mom has not taken home any piece fruit from the market. So, you feel upset that you cannot relish the sweet chocolaty desserts that are ready for tasting and biting.

7. When you need to taste the irresistible freshly baked cookies of your best friend, you have to tell her that it’s already perfect even just by the sweet smell.

8. When you have to be honest and tell people that you cannot take anything with gluten, they will think you have celiac disease and their eyebrows go high and their eyes become big. You know that they are having concern on you and you feel uneasy that they need to consider your ailment. So, you would want to just say “I don’t have celiac disease.” But by saying so will lead them to a conclusion that you are just losing weight.

9. When you are confronted with people who think that gluten intolerance is just in your mind. They stand for the belief that everything is just in the mind. You have to run and avoid their presence because you cannot explain to them the gory experience of your ailment.

10. When you were unaware before and your friends remember those days when you ate tons of gluten-packed foods in cafes and they feel you seemed all right. So, you have to explain them that it’s different now.