Why You Shouldnt Drink Coca Cola

20 Reasons Why You Shouldnt Drink Coca Cola

Drinking Coca-Cola every meal may quench your thirst like no other but you have no idea how badly it affects your health. You might be surprised to know that Coca-Cola can actually replace your home disinfectant and can be very effective in cleaning parts of your home as dirty as your toilet. Gross, right?

By drinking Coca-Cola everyday, you increase your chances of getting stroke and having a heart attack by 48%. In 2013, a woman from New Zealand aged 30 years old died of a heart attack. It was later found out that she had been drinking ten liters of Coca_Cola everyday. Unfortunately, her dependence on the soda actually brought her to her death.

Research has also proven that drinking Coca-Cola can lead to breathing problems. You will also be surprised about how high Coca-Cola is in acid. Imagine water having a pH level of 7. Meanwhile, Coca-Cola has 2.5, almost close to how acidic batteries are, which has a pH level of 1! It’s like you’re actually taking batteries in your drink!

This is why everyone is encouraged to limit their intake of the soda. It isn’t bad to drink it from time to time but it should be done on an occasional basis, and a limited amount at that. Everyone is also encouraged to just use Coca-Cola as a home remedy because you will be surprised at how many household chores you can do with the use of this soda.

For one, it can take away blood stains, grease stains from clothes and fabric. It can even remove oil stains from dirty floors and it can effectively remove burns from cooking pans! Imagine how powerful of a cleaner it actually is.

Coca-Cola, no doubt, is delicious and an effective thirst-quencher but you also have to consider your health. You wouldn’t want to die because of drinking your favorite soda too much.