AARP Reports the “Skinny” on Healthcare Bill


Executive VP, Nancy LeaMond issued the following statement to Congress:

This letter went to all 100 senators and exposed the “skinny” on the bill which she opposed, before giving the statement that follows.

In the letter, LeaMond states that the healthcare bill is opposed due to the fact that once again there will be millions of Americans left uninsured and would also lead to even more expensive insurance premium choices. The Independent Congressional Budget Office confirms that the “skinny” healthcare bill would also cause 16 million Americans to lose their healthcare. Four million Americans who have healthcare insurance sponsored by their employers, could also lose their healthcare insurance. LeaMond says, “It is unconscionable that rather than address issues of cost and coverage, millions of Americans would lose their coverage and see huge premium increases.”

As Americans take a good look around, they see many countries with healthcare that takes care of every citizen. This has never been the case in the U.S., as many Americans struggle to pay healthcare premiums or simply do without healthcare altogether. This is a dangerous system in that many people are living with chronic diseases and may not even know it, and many who are aware and have been diagnosed, cannot afford to be treated due to the costs of paying for healthcare yourself. This is an impossibility for most Americans, whether working or unemployed. If you go to the Emergency Room because of an illness, you may end up with a medical bill stating that you owe tens of thousands of dollars for your visit and treatment. The ambulance 911 service alone can cost 500-600 dollars for a ride to the hospital.

LeaMond says that the AARP will not cease to fight congress from passing the bill that could impose an Age Tax and cut Medicaid and Medicare which is the insurance that helps seniors remain insured and keeps a roof over their heads because they don’t have to pay full price for doctor’s visits or prescriptions they require to stay alive, or simply live a quality of life. The call is strong for all senators to vote NO on this healthcare bill. The AARP also asks that congress forget about taking sides with their parties, but to think in a non-partisan way when it comes to developing a healthcare bill that would work and be affordable for most Americans.