5 Most Common Early Signs of Alzheimer’s


Alzheimer’s, is a scary word for many. It is a disease that takes chunks out of your life by destroying your memory. Often Alzheimer’s patients will not even remember what year they are living in, or who their family is, and they may not recognize you when they see you. It is a devastating disease for the entire family, not just for the patient. It is good to know the early signs of this disease, so at least you can be aware of what to do next, and that is to see your physician immediately. There may be ways to slow down the disease’s progress or reverse some of the symptoms.

Here are 5 early signs of Alzheimer’s you need to know:

1. Forgetting recent information

When you begin to forget recent information like where you live, your personal information, or maybe news that a family member just recently shared with you, for example, your niece is coming for a Fall visit, and you totally forget that you two even had a conversation about the trip. You may still remember events from many years ago while this is happening, and only forget what was recently shared with you.

2. You have trouble following directions and instructions

You may find yourself getting confused or completely forgetting directions to places you used to visit or instructions for a hobby or project you were involved in. Some Alzheimer’s patients forget things we never forget, like how to drive or ride a bike. You will find yourself forgetting very common things you do everyday and how to do them. This is a huge and common sign of early Alzheimer’s and time to visit your physician.

3. Changes in your personality

Your family and friends may notice this more than you will; changes in your personality. You will find that you are simply not yourself. The way you react to certain conversations and happenings will be different. You may find yourself angry when you wouldn’t normally get angry or irritable at odd times when everything is alright and you can’t find a reason for your irritability.

4. You may have difficulty communicating

Another common sign of early Alzheimer’s is trouble communicating. You will find yourself mixing up words or not knowing how to respond to a question or statement. The same thing may happen if you are writing or typing. You may have trouble understanding what you are supposed to say or how you should say it. It is a debilitating feeling and one that family and friends will notice as well.

5. Hiding items

A common symptom of early Alzheimer’s is hiding things. You may find yourself hiding and hoarding things that are common. It may come from a sense of paranoia, not recognizing everyone that is in your home or visiting you. The sense of hoarding may come from fear of losing things you need and forgetting where common everyday items are when you need them.

If you are experiencing these symptoms, see your physician right away. It could be the onset of Alzheimer’s or another health issue that requires medical attention.

Source: Active Beat: Common Early Signs of Alzheimer’s