5 Natural Ways to Detox the Body


Detox diets have been popular for over two decades. Though people have always found various ways to cleanse the body and particularly the intestinal area, with such things as, plants and herbs, within the last couple of decades, the detox drinks and diet plans are everywhere. Many of these products and programs are highly expensive or simply too much of a physical challenge for many people to take on.

Before we begin talking about some of the most natural ways to detox the body without the big price tag or 90-day challenge, let us share some research on whether or not detoxing is necessary.

In a highly stressful world where we are bombarded daily with distressing news, random violence reports and terrorist attacks around the globe, our built-in coping mechanisms, the adrenal glands, can take its share of abuse. When the adrenal glands become too weakened to help you cope with everyday stresses, this is called adrenal fatigue. Detoxing will assist in ridding the body of those toxins, that sugar, caffeine, and that five pm cocktail can produce.

If you are considering purchasing a detox drink or committing yourself to a 1-month to 90 day detox diet, you should take the time to do your research so that you know you are actually detoxing in the healthiest way possible.

Here are 5 natural ways to rid your body of toxins and restore your adrenal health


Matcha Tea: The word “matcha” is becoming pretty popular these days. Matcha teas and Matcha powders for mixing your own drinks or smoothies are showing up on social media sites like Instagram and Twitter every few minutes. But what is Matcha and is it a healthy way to detox?

Matcha is a natural green tea powder that originates in Japan. During the last few weeks before harvesting, the Matcha tea leaves are shaded from the sun. This process increases the chlorophyll content within the dried tea leaves before the leaves are ground into the light green powder we are accustomed to seeing. Matcha is more potent than most other green teas, because the whole leaf is being consumed and nothing has been drained out of the leaf.

Since Matcha has a high chlorophyll content, preliminary research has found that Matcha may help to release some of the heavy toxic build-up within the body. Though not all researchers are yet on-board with these findings, there are already many doctors recommending Matcha for body detox.


Eating the Right Foods: It seems the mystery of health and healthy weight loss always goes back to eating the right foods. Eating the correct amounts of fruits and vegetables is one of the best ways to detox the body. Bypassing fast food and processed items is a super great start to switching over to a proper eating plan. If you have access to organic produce, this should be your first choice when it comes to the fruit and vegetables you consume. We have, rightfully so, been hearing a lot about GMO (genetically modified organisms) foods and pesticides, if you change nothing else, begin by avoiding these foods altogether.

A photo by Aidan Meyer. unsplash.com/photos/nvj-PDU98WU

Drinking More Water: Just as mother told you, water is still one of the healthiest ways to detox the body, give you more energy, and jumpstart weight loss. Water is best for detoxing when it is filtered, however, any water is better than none. Adding the standard eight glasses of water a day to your diet and making a commitment to it, will help get rid of toxins, control the appetite, and increase your energy levels.

The body requires water to healthily perform its basic functions on a daily basis. For many people, water is tasteless and they are not encouraged to drink enough. By adding fruit and/ veggies such as cucumber, to your container of water, makes it much more appetizing and you’ll find yourself drinking more.


Juice Fasting: I know you may be thinking that we’ve already warned against these very expensive programs and products, however, we are speaking here about a true natural juice fast. Juicing fresh organic fruits and vegetables for yourself. This is the only way you will truly know what is in your juice each day. You can also choose your favorite combination of fruits and vegetables as you experiment.

Since there are many fruits that are acidic, fresh ginger will help to balance the body’s acidity, flush out your system, while the fruit and veggies will be increasing the amount of vitamins and nutrients in the body. Avoid supermarket juice as they will most likely be filled with sugar and preservatives.


Sleep: We always hear busy people say things such as, “I will sleep when I’m dead”, but ultimately this is the worst idea when it comes to restoring or maintaining good health. During sleep our body goes through a deep cleansing process. For detoxification we should commit to seven to nine hours of restful continuous sleep every night. Our detoxification organs require that many hours in order to work properly.

It is good to prepare for sleep. Electronics should be turned off and ideally the room should be dark. Enjoy all of you reading, television time, and music about an hour before you want to fall asleep, because the body and mind require time to wind down and get into sleep mode.

Committing to an overall healthy lifestyle, with moderate exercise, plenty of water and good nutrient packed foods, is the most natural form of detox there is. Get into the habit of enjoying a full night’s sleep without being plugged in, so that your body can do what it naturally does when everything is in balance, such as diet and rest.

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