7 Ways to Get More Water in Your Life


Staying hydrated is a health issue. If you don’t get enough water into your system, the dehydration can cause many health problems, from migraines to sepsis, which is an infection that travels through the blood stream to your brain, if left untreated. Fatigue is one of the most common signs of dehydration and one of the smallest but common signs is hunger. Often when we think we are hungry, we are really thirsty.

If you are not in the habit of drinking 6-8 glasses of water a day, it can be difficult to start. However, there are creative ways to get into the habit and here are just a few ways to make drinking water more interesting and more of a priority.

1. Add lemon

Fresh lemon can make water taste more refreshing and thirst quenching. It’s easy to slice a lemon, drop it into your water botttle before you leave for work, school, or a workout.

2. Set a goal

Buy a calendar or planner and add water to your to-do list. If you are able to look at something written, it gives you more of an incentive to keep the goals you set. Put a reminder on your phone to drink a glass of water every couple of hours. You will feel quenched, healthier, and good about yourself.

3. Buy a water thermos

A water bottle or thermos is a reminder to drink more water throughout your day. Keep one at home and one in the car if necessary, to act as a gentle reminder to fill it up and hydrate.

4. Try different waters

Today we have the option of sugarless fruit-flavored water, sparkling water and spring waters. Try a variety of waters and keep a couple of bottles in your backpack or vehicle so that you are never without it. With a bit of variety, you will be more interested in making water a part of your daily diet.

5. Green tea

Many experts say that you can replace one or two glasses of water with decaffeinated green tea. Yes, green tea counts in your water count, so find a brand you like and keep a few bags around. In the summer, it’s great to drop a green tea bag in your water thermos. It’s refreshing and healthy at the same time.

6. Join a friend

Ask a good friend to help keep you stay on track when it comes to your water intake. Text or a quick call is enough to check on one another and see if you’ve been drinking the recommended amount of daily water. Teamwork is extremely helpful at times.

7. Make water a social drink

When out for cocktails after work, order a glass of water with your drink. This is a great and healthy idea because alcohol dehydrates you. You can still have fun at happy hour but you’ll drink less alcohol if you keep drinking water in between. Water also fills you up so you’ll take in less empty calories as well.