Doctor Designs Incredible Tiny House as a Replacement for Nursing Homes


Do we work hard for most of our lives so that one day we wake up in some nursing facility or retirement home? Definitely not. As we enter our golden years we should live in comfort. Although many nursing home facilities say they offer great amenities for their residents, many people have found out that this just isn’t true. Unfortunately, many people have found out that their parents are not only uncomfortable but also not being treated well inside some of these facilities. But one doctor has come up with a solution that could work for many seniors. Dr. Kenneth Dupin came up with the idea of tiny houses built solely for the elderly.

This also solves the problem of having to leave so many of your personally treasured items with a family member or storage unit. Living in a tiny house gives seniors the opportunity to bring special personal belongings with them to their new dwelling.

These homes have been nicknamed “granny pods” and are also called MEDCottages. Dr. Dupin was inspired by a story of a woman who had to leave most of her personal belongings behind before moving into a nursing home. Dupin began to think of a way seniors could keep much of their sentimental treasures and still be close to family and friends. The tiny house makes seniors feel at home, literally, unlike most nursing home environments that tend to resemble hospitals with nothing personal around to remind these seniors of the life they left behind. The “granny pods” rent for approximately $2000 per month and also comes with the latest in technology.