Foods Diabetics Should Avoid


9 per cent of Americans alone are diagnosed with some form of diabetes. The numbers throughout the globe are becoming alarming. Diabetes is now like an epidemic and the disease in many ways, is preventable and can also be reversed if it is in its early stages. You can change your everyday eating and exercising habits to promote a healthier system that will fight off this debilitating disease. Food is most important. We know that eating more vegetables and lighter lower calorie meals will help but what foods should diabetics avoid?

Nachos and other high-calorie Tex Mex Foods

The reason for avoiding most restaurant style Tex Mex dishes is the high calorie and high sodium count in these types of prepared foods. Stay away from the canned versions in the market as well, they are also full of salt, oftentimes, sugar, and high in empty calories.

Pre-packages Sausages

Most pre-packaged sausages are high in fat and sodium. It is very unlikely that many households make their own sausage, so we are not aware of what all the ingredients are. Turkey or chicken sausage would be better as long as you check the fat, cholesterol, and sodium count.

Fried Foods

Avoid fried foods like battered fish and chicken because normally they contain too much sodium and many batters contain sugars that also of course need to be avoided. Bake or roast your fish and chicken in olive oil and eat with fresh vegetables.

Fruit Juice Beverages

Stay away from fruit juices unless you make them at home and you know exactly  them. Fruit juice beverages from the market and in restaurants are usually filled with excess sugar to magnify the taste of the fruit. They are not good for diabetics or those trying to prevent the disease

Most Chinese Take-Out

You will see a trend here in all of these foods. It is wise to avoid salt and sugar laden foods that are fried or cooked in fatty unhealthy oils. The best way to treat your diabetes is to cook most of your own foods and eat clean and fresh without a bunch of condiments and sodium filled sauces. Avoid fatty foods like most take-out dishes and eat fresh vegetables as your side or main dish whenever you can.

Source: Diabetic Living Online