How to Use Lime to Kill Ticks


If you find ticks in your yard you can try this lime treatment to help keep those nasty bugs away. If you live in wooded or rural areas, ticks can be a real pain. They are parasites that find their homes on the bodiesĀ  of pets and people. Many ticks are so small that they are difficult to spot on animals and people. If ticks are found in your yard, lime can be used to get rid of these pesky pests. You must protect yourself first by wearing gloves and a hat, as ticks are drawn to hair and animal fur. Secondly, you can mow the lawn down to about 2-3 inches to expose ticks to sunlight and heat. This exposure will kill them.

It is good to trim any overgrown bushes or shrubbery in your yard. Make sure you clean up the trimmings, put them in a garbage bag to get rid of them. You can then use powdered lime to dust your flowers and shrubs plus the entire lawn. Use a garden rake to work the lime powder into the grass, especially in shaded areas, because ticks will take refuge in these spots. Keep you children and pets away from the yard during this process. It is also wise to wear long pants and long shirts if it’s not too hot outside, and for extra safety, tuck your pants into your socks to keep the ticks off your legs and ankles. Following this simple solution should get rid of any ticks in your yard so that your pets and children can play safely.

Source: How to Use Lime to Kill Ticks