Is Brown Rice Actually Healthier than White Rice?


Some may take for granted that everyone knows the difference between white and brown rice, but they would be mistaken. Some people never buy brown rice because they are used to white and others don’t buy white rice because they perceive it to be less healthy. So let’s get down to the facts about white and brown rice. For those afraid of brown rice, it is good for you to know that anything you do with white rice can be done with brown rice, from eating it plain to using it in casseroles.

Studies say that brown rice is definitely the healthier choice because brown rice still contains all of its bran and the nutritious germ, so it is thereby, a whole grain, while white rice has been stripped of both of these healthy parts of the rice. For those used to white rice, brown rice doesn’t taste so much different. It is a bit nuttier in flavor depending on what kind and brand you buy, but as we stated above, it is a healthy substitute for white rice in any dish.

The switch from white rice to brown rice is similar to the switch from white bread to whole wheat or whole grain breads. The whole grain and whole wheat bread is much tastier, nuttier, richer and feels a bit heavier in the mouth than your average white loaf of sliced bread. The process is also similar to that of creating white rice. Basically all of the health and goodness has been stripped from the bread/flour that was used to make it.

Changing eating habits may be hard at first, particularly if you grow up with a specific food. However, the health benefits of brown rice over white rice is so phenomenal that it is worth the diet change. Start with things like casseroles where the rice doesn’t play the major role, and then slowly end up at brown rice and roasted vegetables, which is quick and hearty. After a short while, your taste for white rice as opposed to brown rice, will disappear.