It Takes These Two Ingredients To Seriously Alkalize Your Body


Alkaline and acid are two fluids in the body that are measured in pH balance levels. There should be a balance of both in a healthy system. There are many products out there on the market that claim to be able to alkalize your body. There are certain kinds of diets as well. According to physicians, the body must maintain a pH balance level of 7.365 if you are going to survive. The average diet is loaded with acidic and toxic foods, mainly sugar. An imbalanced pH level can disrupt the workings of your cells and if your pH level is excessively acidic, you become at risk for heart disease and various forms of cancer.

What does it mean to alkalize the body?

To alkalize the body means simply that your body will be more alkaline than acidic. When a body is in an extremely acidic state, it will make up for this imbalance by pulling its nutrients from the body’s bones. If you do an internet search, you may find thousands of ways to alkalize the body, but how safe and effective are these products? There is one way that claims that just two ingredients will do the trick. What are they and do they really work?

This simple way to balance your body’s pH is all the rage in many circles and here are the ingredients:

Baking soda

Your choice of lemon juice or apple cider vinegar

Combine your choice of 2 tablespoons of lemon juice or apple cider vinegar with a 1/3 tsp. of baking soda. As you stir the two ingredients together, it will begin to bubble up like a carbonated soft drink, but if you keep stirring, the fizzing will stop. Now you can add 8 oz. of water to the mixture. You must drink the complete mixture in its entirety. The claim is that this home remedy will neutralize your pH  which lends itself to creating an environment that will naturally form alkaline. Some of you are familiar with the annoying gurgling in the stomach after eating or drinking a glass of wine, those are signs of an acidic system. This popular internet remedy is supposed to be the key to relief.

The Institute for Vibrant Living agrees with the two-ingredient theory, saying that because baking soda is extremely alkaline it is able to neutralize the acid in your stomach (that annoying gurgling and discomfort) but it also has the ability to alkalize your whole system. For many people this remedy is far too simple to believe and unless you try it more than once, you will never know. However, there are ways to avoid having too much acid in the system, and most of those remedies concern cutting out completely or lessening the amount of certain foods and beverages.

Do your best to avoid these foods and beverages:

Coffee – That morning cup of joe is one of the culprits of acidic issues. Either switch it up with alternating hot tea some days, or experiment first and go coffee-free and to if it helps.

Alcoholic Beverages– We are not trying to be a buzz kill here, however wine and many cocktails are extremely acidic. Make drinking a treat by cutting down to a number of drinks that’s reasonable or quit altogether.

Soda – Most people know that sodas are high in acid and also normally high in sugar. It would be a great move for your health to give it up completely or at least limit it to once or twice a week. Try enjoying fresh juices or smoothies instead.

Beans – Generally it is good to have a variety of legumes in your diet, but at the same time, they are a highly acidic foods that should be eaten in small servings to avoid having too much acid in your system.

All in all, you can always try the two-ingredient remedy. It may provide you with some temporary relief, but will it alkalize the entire body without you making certain healthy dietetic changes? You will only know if give it a try and combine it with a new healthy, lighter, less acidic way of eating.