The Benefits of Silent Meditation


Meditation. The word itself carries with it a wide variety of  emotions. And fear as well. The idea of sitting in silence for even just 15 minutes scares a lot of people. Why? Most of us have brains that just don’t understand how to quiet themselves. Our thoughts run rampant and we live in the future of to-do lists, and in the past of “Why didn’t I?” Living in the Now can be a difficult exercise. But  it can be such a life saver for many of us.


Meditation can come in many forms. There are guided meditations, candle meditations, walking meditations. You can use household chores as opportunities to meditate. Things like sweeping and doing the dishes are perfect times to meditate. But it is the silent meditation that is the most challenging and the most beneficial.


Doing just about anything in silence can be a meditation. Clearing the mind and just being aware of your surroundings can bring a focus that helps to quiet the mind, lower your blood pressure, enhance creativity, and heighten your intuitive brain. Many people use focusing on their breathing to begin this process.


Being still in silent meditation is the epitome of being in the Now. It is how you can truly free your brain from all those tapes that play on and on in your mind and really let go of the thinking brain. You get in touch with yourself on a deeper level, and gain clarity. You can relax into the silence and feel the workings of your body and grow in self-awareness.


If you are still wary of silent meditation start small. Just do 5 minutes and focus on the breath. Do it on a short walk. And when thoughts intrude, re-focus on your breath. Feel your feet on the ground, be aware of the land you are on, of the sounds around you. Be in the moment. There is no past, no future, only the present. Your breathing should slow down and deepen. You should feel yourself truly in your body. All your senses get sharper, more clear.


After your 5 minutes go back and journal about how it felt on every level. Do you feel more relaxed? Have the thoughts in your mind slowed down? Are you feeling refreshed? Energized? All these benefits come with silent meditation. If you can take your blood pressure, take it before and after your meditation experience. You may find that it has slowed  down.


Silent meditation can lead to much greater self awareness and make you much more present in your life. So give it a try. And like I said, start small so as not to overwhelm yourself.