The Health Benefits of the Pomegranate


The pomegranate, is one of the most beautiful fruit around. It’s legend says that it may have been the “apple” talked about in the Garden of Eden. Of course, we’ll never know that for sure. But we do know that the pomegranate is great for your health, though a bit messy to eat, it is totally worth it.

The pomegranate has come into its own these last few years. InĀ  many parts of the U.S., they are eaten and celebrated most around Halloween and Thanksgiving. Now, as long as pomegranates are in season, people are enjoying cracking it open and picking out those gorgeous deep red seeds that are packed with vitamins and goodness.

Much like the strawberry, pomegranates are rich in vitamin C, needed for the winter and antioxidants which are needed for an overall healthy lifestyle. The seeds of the pomegranate are packed with fiber and full of anti-inflammatory properties. This is highly important because most of our illnesses and health problems are now contributed to inflammation throughout the body.

After many studies, the pomegranate has been proven to protect us against various chronic diseases, like certain cancers and even Alzheimer’s disease. We know that both these diseases are devastating to the patient and the families, and that it is best to be proactive when it comes to one’s health. You can easily add pomegranate to your diet by putting the seeds on a salad, eating them as a snack instead of chips or candy bars, mixing them with your favorite trailmix or drinking the pomegranate juice.

Yes, this is not just a beautiful fruit, pomegranates have much to offer our bodies to help us become healthier individuals. And most importantly, it is best to add these little red seeds to your diet while your health is good because most healthy foods are most potent when they are in preventative mode.