The Top Wellness Trends of 2017!


Every year there are health and wellness trends that stand out above the rest. For many reasons there are trends that fall into the top 10, but it happens mostly because they work and work well. 2017 was a stressful year for some people and the best medicine for stress is taking care of oneself. It looks as though there were a lot of trends and we would like to share some of them with you. Just because they are on the 2017 list doesn’t mean you can’t try them next year if they work for you.

Trend #10

Athletics in the Workplace

Designers are now focusing on making clothing that can go from the office to the gym. In natural fabrics that give when you move, you can wear that little black dress to the office meeting with a blazer and take the blazer off for yoga class. It gives more people an incentive to exercise daily if it’s easy to transition from work to workout.

Trend #9

Inflammation Fighting Foods

We have learned through research over the last decade that inflammation in the body is one of the main causes of many illnesses. We are now finding natural ways to help these inflamed areas of the body and in turn live healthier lives. Some examples are: Turmeric and ginger are at the top of the anti-inflammatory list and are easy to find in any decent market.

Trend #8

Wellness Retreats

Wellness retreats are all the rage this year. People are traveling all over the world to get into shape and to help themselves develop healthier eating habits. These are both healthy habits that they can bring home with them to have an even healthier year in 2018.

Trend #7

Menstrual Realness

No longer are the days when you would see menstrual ads where ladies were encouraged to wear white and say, “see, no leakage”, when real women were not having that experience. Now there are real products for heavy menstrual bleeding and even underwear made for that special time of the month that keeps menstrual pads in place and provides extra protection for tampon users. No leakage, for real this time.

Trend #6

Plant Protein Becomes a Star

In years past it was thought that animal protein was the only real protein, but plant protein is moving to the forefront as a viable source of quality protein. This is good news for those thinking about becoming vegetarian. Some examples of good plant protein are beans, chick peas, all sorts of pea and hemp protein.

Trend #5

Airy Fairy Wellness Goes Mainstream

Things like energy healing and crystals for health are now not just for New-Agers, a lot of other people are getting into the act of using crystals and stones to assist in healing illness and fatigue. There are even salons offering crystal and hot stone treatments for bodily ailments.

Trend #4

Staying at Home is the New “Going Out”

Rest has taken on an all-time high as being the way to go after work and on weekends. Many busy people are no longer trying to play as hard as they work. People are beginning to understand the importance of rest for the body, mind, and spirit, and are creating rituals around nesting at home.

Trend #3

Healthy Beverages

Beverages with pomagranate and dragon fruit filled with protein powders are what’s hapenning today. These healthy beverages are taking the place of sugary teas and soft drinks and placing themselves on the market shelves as another alternative to the cocktail.

Trend #2

Ditching Makeup for the Natural Look

It seems that even stars are getting into the act of ditching their makeup for the natural look. Even stars like Kim Kardashian are getting into the act and she has a makeup line, go figure. Many women today are tiring of the amount of time and money spent on makeup and just want to go natural and learn to love their naked, natural faces.

Trend #1

Cannabis Goes Commercial

Yes, cannabis, the plant that is still illegal in many states in certain forms of the plant, has gone commercial with food and drink products containing amounts of cannibis for rest and relaxation and many say that cannibis also has a pain relieving affect. There are cannibis cookies, chips, tea drinks, crispy snacks and more this year. Yes, 2017 ends as the year of cannibis going mainstream and legal in smoking form, in many states. So, yay, for cannibus.

Source: Health and Wellness Trends of 2017