What Happens when You Drink More Water


We have all heard about the importance of drinking more water; from our mothers at home, to our family physician. Some people enjoy water naturally and so it isn’t a challenge to drink their daily requirement, but for others, the taste of water is bland and they struggle with drinking even a small portion each day.

Though most people know that water is a necessity for the health of our bodies and minds, tea, coffee, and soft drinks take the lead in the race of beverages, particularly among younger generations. If we knew all of the healthy benefits water provided for our bodies, many people would start finding ways to drink more. Here are some of the many great benefits that drinking more water can add to a healthy lifestyle.

Note: We will also show you some ways you can naturally add more flavor to your water which should increase your water drinking habits. 

Smaller Calorie Intake:

Science Daily shares a study by the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, that concluded that those who drank just 1% more water a day, noticeably reduced the amount of sugar and fatty foods they normally consumed during  the day. Concluding that drinking more water can cut cravings for the wrong types of foods.

Decrease in Sodium Intake:

An alternate study showed that people who increased their consumption of water by 2-3 cups daily, also consumed less sodium, proving that water can also lessen your salt craving, which is a great thing for those suffering from hypertension or have been diagnosed as salt-sensitive.

Increase in Energy:

Just like a positive snowball effect, the studies’ participants not only consumed less calories in salt, sugar, and fats, but also noticed a difference in energy levels. Once the cravings for junk foods were lessened, participants ate  healthier foods and found that they had more energy to get through their daily activities.

Drinking an average of 6-8 glasses of water a day will effectively assist in detoxing the body. As the body removes waste through urination, drinking more water can ultimately cleanse the system, which reduces the occurrence of Urinary Tract Infections (UTIs) and painful kidney stones.

If drinking water is difficult for you, try adding fresh lemon or lime juice, or a couple of squeezes of fresh orange juice. Remember that if you choose to add a couple drops of juice, make sure that the juice is added in tiny amounts and are naturally unsweetened.

You can also purchase a water container and allow the water to sit overnight with fresh or frozen berries inside. This will add a very subtle flavor and could help to increase one’s craving for water. Placing a note on the refrigerator as a reminder and also keeping a glass of water at your bedside are simple but effective ways to encourage you to drink more water.