5 Ways to Look Like a Morning Person When You’re Not


Science has proven that we all have a natural internal clock that makes some people morning people and others, night owls. But sometimes, there comes a time when night owls must become morning people for very important reasons, like school, work, appointments, and children, just to name a few. So how does a night owl transform him or herself into someone that looks like a morning person. Well, there are ways to fool those around you, even if you can’t fool yourself.

We bring you 5 ways to look like a morning person, even if you’re not:

1. Drink plenty of water

Staying hydrated is one of the most important ways to waking up with a smile on your face. Dehydration makes you look and feel sluggish so looking tired is inevitable. This isn’t something that you can do in a rush, but if you know that you just made a commitment to get up early, begin making water your best friend.

2. Choose your caffeinated beverage

Yes, coffee does actually work to awaken you and your brain according to various studies. If you’re not a coffee person, there are plenty of caffeinated teas that will also do the trick, such as Earl Grey or any form of black teas, have enough caffeine to make a difference in your morning. This is an easy trick that takes affect pretty quickly. If you have a surprise wake up call early in the AM, grab yourself a huge mug of coffee or black tea and be on your way.

3. Less makeup  is the key

It may seem as if putting on tons of makeup, will hide those party night eyes and lack luster skin, but it is really just the opposite, the less makeup, the better. Simply, a clean face, with a toner and a light effervescent foundation to give yourself a natural glow will help you look brighter and more alert. If you have time to build your process for brighter skin, eat plenty of fruits and vegetables and again, stay hydrated.

4. Eye Makeup

When the eyes look awake, you look awake. Stay clear, as we said above, of heavy foundations and pancake makeup, but focus on waking up the eyes with a good mascara and eye lash curler. If you own some fake lashes that aren’t for partying but perfect for daytime, pop them on and head out into the world. After all, they say the eyes are the window to the soul, well, here they are also the tell-tale sign that either you’ve been up all night, or had a great night’s sleep and ready for your day.

5. Stretching and Yoga

A good morning of yoga asanas will wake up your body and spirit. Yoga asanas are basic yoga stretches and postures to help you begin your day. If yoga is not your thing, a basic set of stretches will also wake you up. There are plenty of ideas for stretching on the internet and there are many books out there as well, Sometimes you can simply listen to your body and it will tell you whether to reach up or lie down and stretch your legs. Stretching is very natural. Animals do it all the time.