75 Percent of Parents Make This Car Seat Mistake

75 Percent of Parents Make This Car Seat Mistake

Who doesn’t love to travel with the kids? It’s always nice to be going to different, lovely places and being able to bring the kids along, even kids who are two years below — strapped safely in the back of the car. They’ve got seat belts securely strapped onto their bodies, so there’s nothing to worry about, right?

However, as parents, you need to take note of this: one study released by a scholarly journal called Academic Pediatrics says 75 percent of parents who sit their kids on front-facing car seats make a mistake by allowing them to do so at an earlier age. Yes, not everybody knows that there is a required age before a kid can get to seat front-faced.

According to experts, kids below two years old should be seated in a rear-facers until they outgrow the rear-facing seat’s weight and height limits. The experts also remind parents that just because they think their child is growing bigger doesn’t mean they can already let them si

t on a front-facing car seat. The kids’ sensitivity to their environment, especially to a moving car is crucial during this stage and they should be guided accordingly.

Now, as parents, it is understandable for you to not know this in the first place. In fact, some pedestrians have no idea about it. However, it is always recommended for concerned parents to read car manuals and guidelines. You can even ask the help of a car specialist to check your car’s seat installation and verify whether the car is suitable for kids as young as two years old.

You can also hire your own child specialist, pediatrician or child counselor to help you in all your decision-making concerning the safety and welfare of your children. This way, you can rest assured that everything you get and do for them is always for the best.