9 of the Weirdest Uses for Essential Oils


People of all cultures are getting into using essential oils in their everyday lives. Companies like, doTerra and Young Living have turned the essential oil business into an extremely popular way of life and career. We’ve also been taught many of the common ways in which essential oils can be used; diffusing into the air, on pulse points, some high quality oils can be put into food or taken on the tongue directly, and many essential oils, once diluted, can be rubbed onto the skin. However, it appears that as research on the uses and benefits of essential oils continues, other ways to use these oils keep popping up.

Here are some weird uses for essential oils that you’ve probably never heard of:

1. Add essential oils to your liquid soaps

Choose your favorite oils and add a couple of drops to your liquid soaps, in the kitchen or the bathroom. The oils will enhance the scent and promote better cleaning and germ removing powers.

2. Bring life back to your dish sponge

Especially the citrus oils like lemon, orange, and lime, are great for reviving your dish washing sponges. Just place a couple drops of the oil of your choice on the sponge and not only will you be adding another disinfectant to your dish washing, but your sponges will have new life.

3. Use essential oils to clean your fruit

Grapefruit essential oil is very effective for cleaning the wax from your fruit. This particular oil cuts through the wax and other chemicals that are sprayed on such fruits like apples and pears. Put some grapefruit essential oil in a spray bottle filled with water and spray your fruit and vegetables before eating.

4. Essential oils can erase permanent markers

For those who have kids, this is a miracle. Lemon essential oil will rid your counters, tables, floors and furniture from permanent marker ink. Just take a damp sponge with a small drop of lemon essential oil and it will bring your counter tops and furniture back to the way they were before your child decided to become an artist.

5. Clean the office whiteboard

Lemon essential oil is a must-have in an office. It can keep your wood desk looking and smelling clean and also remove that stubborn ink from your office whiteboard, even the permanent marker.

6. Neutralize paint odor

We all know how aggravating paint odor can be, especially around our children and pets. That chemical smell can stick around for days after painting. If you add just 10 ml to a gallon of paint, that chemical smell will dissipate and your fresh new paint will smell like peppermint, instead of gasoline.

7. Essential oils can keep vermin out of your kitchen cabinets

Peppermint essential oil can keep all sorts of vermin and insects out of your kitchen cabinets. Place a few drops anywhere in your kitchen and dining room area or anywhere food is stored.

8. Deodorize your shoes

Choose the oil you like the best and put a drop or two inside your shoes to keep them smelling fresh and to dispel any old lingering odors. Tea Tree oil or melaleuca, its official name, is the best to use for this purpose. You can put some on a cotton ball and leave it in your shoes overnight.

9. Keep your leather items from drying and cracking

Lemon essential oil pops up again as the best oil to clean your leather items. Place a few drops on a soft cloth and use it to wipe off your leather jackets, purses, gloves, and furniture. It will keep your leather clean and supple.