A Simple Exercise Plan for the Non-Exerciser


It is the time of year where exercise is most important. We are enjoying more decadent meals, desserts, and cocktails, than usual. All of which cause weight gain and sluggishness. Honestly, serious forms of working out are not for everyone, but there are simple things you can do to get your exercise program in gear. You don’t need to be an athlete or yogi master to master these simple exercises, you just have to be willing to get started.

1. Walking

Something that most people are able to do is walking. Everyday, make it a habit to walk at least 15 minutes before or after work. You can even fit walking into your lunch hour or work breaks instead of heading for the soda or snack machine to fill the time.

2. Yoga Asanas

Yoga asanas are simple yoga poses that most people can do even if they have little flexibility. There are even yoga moves on the internet for those who are physically challenged. Usually the morning asanas include a lot of stretching, which is great for the body and often neglected. If you walk in the evenings or during the day. Try a couple yoga stretches when you first awaken in the morning to get that blood flowing.

3. Office Exercise

There are stretches you can also do at your work desk. Take a moment to simply stretch your legs underneath your desk until you can truly feel the stretch in your muscles. You can also stand for a moment and stretch both arms out to the side until you feel a good chest stretch. If you are on the computer all day, give your neck a quick but gentle turn to each side and massage both sides of your neck and massage your hands for a few moments as well.

4. Dancing

Something you may want to do at home and not in the office unless it’s the holiday party, is dancing. Dancing is terrific exercise. it keeps you limber, is tons of fun and can help you strengthen your muscles and lose weight. After work, before dinner, turn on your favorite dance station and just have a great time moving your body to the music. This is one of the most enjoyable but effective exercises there is.

You can do one of these exercise suggestions faithfully or partake in a mixture of all of them during the day and evening. You can even switch it up to keep it interesting and do yoga one week and walk the next week. Some days, dance in the mornings, other days, at night. The simple fact is, that it is important to move and stretch the body as much as possible if you can and you will see the benefits of this movement as you age.