Baby Socks That Save Baby Lives!

baby sleep socks

Will these socks save hundreds or thousands of baby lives?

“Did you know that over 3,500 babies pass away each year while sleeping?” is the question posed by the company behind the medical socks.

“This is more than 10x the number of babies who passed away in a car last year. Our product is designed to help parents proactively monitor their child while sleeping, with frequent notices on the child’s heart rate and oxygen. Our vision is that every child will come home from the hospital with a health monitor like Owlet within 5 years.”

The socks monitor a baby’s heart rate and breathing, and alert their parents if anything is amiss.

The socks “use hospital technology called pulse oximetry, miniaturized into a snuggly Smart Sock that your little one wears to bed at night.”

And they have been tested quite a bit, although the device is still fairly new, which means it is not possible to rely on it 100%, but the benefits are inarguable.

And a benefit for the parents: better sleep. “83% of parents report better sleep while using the Owlet Baby Monitor.”

Here is the sales page for these medical baby socks, which are selling for $250 U.S. now.

baby sleep socks