How You Can Add Some Nature To Your Life


Sources have expained to us over the last couple of decades just how important it is to add some nature to your daily life. In Native American lore, it is good to place your feet on the ground each day at least once in bare feet. There is a belief that there is a certain energy that comes from Mother Earth that keeps us balanced and healthy. Whether you believe the Native American lore or not, it can’t hurt to get in touch with Gaia everyday in your own way.

It doesn’t need to be for long periods of time, but a small time of enjoying the earth that serves us so well, can be healthy for body, mind, and certainly keep your spirits lifted. How do you fit nature into your life in the city? There are ways, you just need to be creative.

Here are a few interesting ways to get in touch with nature, even if you live in the busy city.

Visit your local park

Every city, big or small, has local parks. Take some time during lunch or after work to enjoy the sights and sounds of nature. If you are a picture buff, take some photos as a reminder of your time there. You may just end up with a love for photography as well as a love for the outdoors. Since it is Autumn in the Northern Hemisphere, enjoy the changing colors before winter comes along and turns it all white.

Fill your home with plants

If it is hard for you to get outdoors, purchase some plants for your living space. Ask your florist or simply go to the internet to see what plants thrive in the winter and are easy to care for indoors. Having plants in the home keeps you connected to Mother Earth during the winter season.

Plant your own vegetables and herbs

There are vegetables and herbs that grow easily inside a kitchen windowsill. Do your research and find herbs and veggies you enjoy so that they don’t go to waste. And after cooking, get a compost pot and give those unused parts back to the earth.

Celebrate the holidays with live plants and trees

If you are able, and celebrate Christmas, get a real tree, or if you celebrate any other holiday, buy some plants to honor the day and the season. like Poinsettias.

Fire is a part of nature

If you have a working fireplace, use it, even if you have electric or gas heat. Fire is also a way to enjoy nature. Light a candle at evening time for dinner. Not only is it honoring a part of nature, it sets a beautiful and relaxing mood.