11 Great Plants That Repel Mosquitoes

11 Great Plants That Repel Mosquitoes

When there are mosquitoes at home, we often opt to use chemical mosquito repellent. However, it isn’t all the time that these are effective. Thus, it is best to look for natural alternatives. In that sense, here are some plants that could repel mosquitoes.

Citronella- Perhaps you already heard about this as an ingredient in mosquito repellent. The truth is, this is a plant. It emits a strong aroma that keeps away mosquitoes. This is a great choice since it has a stronger aroma than other mosquito repellents that contain citronella.

Lemon Balm- This is also called as horsemint and beebalm. This hardy plant can resist drought and can grow well in shade. This member of the mint family grows fast. You can dry its leaves and make an herbal tea.

Catnip- Cats would be happy if you have this plant at home. It is also easy to grow and is more effective than DEET, which is one of the ingredients of bug repellants.

Marigolds- It has Pyrethrum, which is also found in many insect repellents. Their unique aroma makes the bug repulsive. You can put them along the border of your home to repel mosquitoes.

Basil- You can choose from the many varieties of basil, but the most recommended is cinnamon basil and lemon basil. This plant allows you to have delicious herbs at the same time a mosquito repellent.

Lavender- Aside from being a beautiful flower, it can also be a good mosquito repellent. Put it near your window or in your garden to keep the mosquitoes away. You can also make a delicious tea from it.

Peppermint- Mosquitoes will surely not comes your home since they will hate the aroma of peppermint. In line with this, you can rub a peppermint into the area when you are bitten by a bug for relief.

Garlic- Having garlic at home can be a great help. Adding some garlic to your vegetable garden or flower bed can give you the protection.

Pennyroyal- This has many benefits. It is a natural mosquito repellent. Others use it to add flavor to certain fish dishes. They attract butterflies as well. Always remember to plant some in your flower beds.

Rosemary- Aside from being an attractive flower, rosemary can be a natural mosquito repellent. You can keep the bugs away by adding this to your flower bed or herb garden.

Geranium- This is indeed a perfect choice for mosquito repellent. If planted in a hanging container, its beautiful flowers will flow off the pot, making it a beautiful view.

There are actually natural ways to keep mosquitoes away. So, the next time you decide to opt for chemical-based repellent, think again and consider these plants first.