18 Natural Sleep Aids to Get Better Sleep

18 Natural Sleep Aids to Get Better Sleep

If you could get a better nights rest by changing your lifestyle, would you?

Do you want to be reliant on sleep drugs? I think no one does.

Here are 18 tips. These have been recommended to try for those trying to get a better set of sleep:

Drink Tart Cherry Juice. Half a cup to 1 cup. Its a natural sleep aid, full of tryptophan, which is something in many of the sleeping pills people buy — it converts to melatonin and tells the body to go to sleep (for a certain amount of time, then it stops being effective).

Improve the Feng Shui. Make your bed to be in a place that makes it easier to sleep. You can open up access to your bed on all sides, open windows, get fresh air, make it so you can see the door, keep it neat and clean.

Valerian. It has a calming effect through GABA. You can drink this as tea as well as pills.

Make Your Bedroom Your Bedroom. Don’t have a bunch of things there that will keep you from sleep (computer screens, tv, work, cell phone, tablet — these can bring stress and distraction.)

Acupuncture. Its supposed to balance things in your body.

Stick to a Schedule, Establish a Ritual, and Keep a Diary, Establish a calming, preparing-for-sleep ritual and follow through on it. This won’t be effective if it is sporadic. Maybe take warm baths, do some exercise, sip something or meditate, or read the Bible.

Exercise. You’ll have more energy and sleep better, both. Don’t do strenuous workouts before bed though, it is advised.

Get More Melatonin. From Cherries and bananas, for example.

Make a Lavender Sleep Sachet. Aromatherapy. Scents have an effect on us that is not understood, but we know it is powerful. Studies point to the ability of lavender and other scents, presumably, to help with drowsiness.

Drink a Cup of Chamomile. A lot of people do this to sleep.

Carbs. You need carbs for Tryptophan to have any effect on sleepiness (to cross the blood-brain barrier). Cereal or bread are examples.

Magnesium. Plays a role in GABA reception.

Lemon Balm. A herbal cure, its supposed to lift mood and promote relaxation and calmness.

Saint John’s Wort. Raises overall serotonin in the brain.

Hops. Put a sachet under your pillow (you can add lavender too).

Make Some Noise. Some people need some noise to sleep. It also drowns out other noises.

Warm Milk. 30 minutes before bed. It has tryptophan like chemicals, and is warm and soothing. Am I wrong to think there is a memory factor in this?

Cozy Up with Catnip. It has a sedative effect on people.