4 Health Benefits of Ginger You Should Know

Health Benefits of Ginger

Asian food lovers have most likely tasted fresh or fermented ginger quite often. It is earthy, savory, and often adds a hint of spice and heat to your dishes. Ginger is a signature flavor for the Autumn and Winter holiday season as well. You will enjoy the taste of ginger in pies and many other holiday desserts, such as the gingerbread cookie.

But are you aware of all of ginger’s health benefits? Probably not. Ginger is on the list of foods that should be incorporated into your diet all- year-round.

Here is a list of the top 4 health benefits you will enjoy by adding a little ginger to your life:

1. Ginger soothes stomach aches

The most popular use for ginger is its ability to soothe stomach aches. Whether you are experiencing nausea from a mild flu or you’ve simply eaten too much of the wrong thing; ginger in the form of a tea, warm ginger ale, or eaten raw, will calm that ocean we sometimes feel we’re on, when our tummies aren’t quite right. After you peel the rough skin off of fresh ginger root, you can chew a small chunk of it to feel better; that’s if it’s not too spicy for you.

2. Calms the discomfort of sore muscles

A lot of people can benefit from ginger in this way; from athletes to busy moms. Ginger’s affect on sore muscles is not a well-known natural remedy, but it works so well because it is a natural anti-inflammatory agent. Most people who experience sore muscles, aches and pains, are really experiencing excessive inflammation in the body. Eating or drinking ginger on a regular basis will treat this inflammation, thereby reducing pain and discomfort.

3. Ginger is an anti-viral

One of the most popular food seasoning pairing with ginger, is garlic, and both contain anti-viral compounds. These anti-viral compounds in ginger assist in strengthening the immune system, which is what keeps us from experiencing colds and viruses, particularly during the winter months when everyone is spreading them around.

4. Helps relieve menstrual cramps

Menstrual time is different for everyone, however, for most women this time of month can be quite painful. Ginger aids in reducing the pain of menstrual cramps. Many women make a tea of ginger and lemon or if the cramps are extremely painful, they will chew on some raw ginger root. Of course, if the menstrual pain is severe or even just different than what you are normally used to, you should see a gynecologist to detect if there are any other health problems exacerbating the pain.

However you decide to add ginger to your diet plan, remember that to maintain or regain the benefits of a healthy body, you must try to eat right and exercise as often as you can. Nothing is a miracle aid, but combined with a healthy lifestyle, natural remedies like ginger can make a tremendous difference in how you feel.